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2 yrs ago I saw something on the net that totally changed my entire life!

A video about electric skateboards. Since then I have had at least 3 different boards, that is as much a tribute to the amount I love these babies. Unfortunately as it is to their biggest weakness, they break easily. On the other hand still keep purchasing brand new ones or buying parts for that old ones.

"The electric skateboard was introduced by Californian Louis Finkle. Louis made the first analogue electric skateboard in 1993. It took seven years to make it to production, and thirteen years later it has yet to reach the tipping point where we have now stand on the verge of mass availability of electric skateboards".


So what is delicious about a electric skateboard?

They're very quickly. We are talking 20-25 mph plus more. Beware!!!
Besides being fast, it's incredible FUN!!!

Instead of taking a car abbreviated trips, I now glide my method to the newspaper stand and back.

It is like you are flying extremely low. Once you zoom around you often look forward (obviously), meaning you don't ever see your feet. It somehow seems like your gliding 6 inches off the pavement.

The range can be quite decent. The furthest I got was a 14 mile ride. After wards the car battery needed a full charge up.

You control the board with a pistol grip controller that controls the acceleration and regenerative braking. It really is pretty easy to ride a electric skateboard even if you have never ridden a skateboard before. To my opinion, it is a lot easier than the usual regular skateboard when you always have both feet on the deck.

The only drawbacks from the electric skateboard are which they break fairly easily and go slowly up hills. The company I recommend, E-Glide, has a good warranty. 90 day warranty on the board and electronics. Couple of months battery warranty.

There's two companies who make these boards: Altered, formerly called Exkate, and E-Glide. Altered boards use a cool wireless controller, but the boards are made in China and also the customer support is not the best.

E-Glide, on the other hand are very dedicated and care what they're selling. They concentrate on only using top of the range components to create their electric skateboards. Furthermore those are the only electric skateboard company who doesn't import premade powerboards from China.

Personally, i ride the E-Glide "44 Magnum" a Madrid board developed by Crossbow USA. Lots of concave, and delightful lines. At 44 inches long, it is a Ferrari among electric skateboards.

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