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Police Gun Down Deer

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As you well know I do not typically talk about anything polical, or current event, or new related, becasue that is just not my thing and usually I do not find such things interesting, and there are many other soruces which dedicate themselves to such subjects, but I do make exceptions at times when I get really pissed off about something as is the case now.  

I swear the Oakland police force are just a bunch of trigger happy yahoos, who will use any excuse they can to shoot and kill anything that moves if they think there is even a minute possibility that they have just enough cause to get away with it. I have just recently heard a story in which police officers gunned down a small male deer without any probable cause (they and no one else was in any true danger from the animal, and animal control was called an on the way). The deer was spotted running down along a road and for reasons unknown the cops chased it down in their car, until out of fear it hoped a fence into a residential area, the cops eventuated the area and the deer was simply startled, and disoriented when the police made the choice to simply gun it down and used unnecessary force and violence to slaughter the animal. 

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8:34 PM - 5/3/2010

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