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So You Think Aliens Built the Pyramids?

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I have always held an objection to what seems to be the relatively common theory among many people today that aliens must have been involved in the building of the Great Pyramids, now as to whether or not I believe in extra terrestrial life and what my vies on such are I do not wish to get into here, for that should be a subject for another day, so I am not here to argue for or against alien life forms, as my objection the idea that aliens built the Pyramids is not based upon a belief or lack of belief in their existence but rather it draws from the fact that I think the view point is insulting to the Ancient Egyptians and it is a purely egotistical standpoint to have.


In the same way there there is racial prejudice, sexism, classicism, there is also a tendency to have certain prejudicial views about people of the past, that is there is a mind set that people whom we view as being "primaitive' because they lacked the technological advancements that we have, thus they must have by nature been inferior to us and this is a view point i myself do not hold if anything I would say we are inferior to our ancestors, but that too is for another day.


The belief in the alien theory I think stems from our own narrow-mindedness and insecurities about ourselves, and our egoism, being that because we, with all our technological advancements cannot deduce just how the Egyptians managed to build the pyramids with their great lack of technology, and because we cannot replicate their exact methods we presume that it is inconceivable that these "primitive" people could possible on their own have achieved something which is beyond or own capabilities and comprehension, and so it must be presumed that being inferior as they are, clearly some other life form of greater intelligence and technological advancement must have assisted them in some way.


With that in mind I would like to propose this alternative view.  Consider sometime in the far future when we ourselves would be looked upon as an ancient civilization and when technology has made even greater leaps and bounds, for some reason or other somehow the technology, or the materials on how to make airplanes as we know them today were completely lost.  So was have this future age looking down upon us and scoffing us as being primitive and they have all this new technology which we ourselves could not conceive of, yet they cannot figure out how to construct an airplane, maybe they have come up with other flying type devices but how to construct an airplane is beyond them. 


They have replicas of airplanes, they can see airplanes, and study them but they have been incapable using the materials and methods which were available to us to replicate the airplane and thus with all their superior knowledge and advancements they decide that it was completely impossible and a ludicrous idea to presume that we could possibly be capable of having making such machines, sense they fail to comprehend to do so, than this lesser society surely could never have achieved such a thing.  So they decide that only plausible explanation is that clearly some other more intelligent life form must have visited upon earth and made airplane for us, or been the ones to give us the technology on how airplanes are made.


This would be an insult to our own prowess of innovation and it would be a disgrace to the memory of the Wright Brothers. It would be taking something away from us and our achievements to pass on the credit for what we have accomplished unto so other theoretical source. To sooner believe that so unknown beings of which there is no absolute proof as to their existence had come down upon earth for the sake of construing these monuments, rather than to believe in the possibilities, capabilities and innovations of the people themselves.


This is the reason why I do take a personal offence to the theories of aliens building the pyramids, because of my deep respect for these ancient cultures and because I do believe that they were capable of remarkable things, and because if it was not for them we would not have the society which we have (though it is true I am not altogether sure that it is a good thing as I am not all that impressed with the society we have).

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7:30 PM - 1/23/2011

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