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I have been quite eager to read this book and rather looking forward to it, for one thing because of the good things I have heard about Kingsley Amis' writing, and I have heard a lot about his book Lucky Jim and the humor of his writing, and for another when I first saw this book I was drawn to the name because of my interest in Irish myth, but I did not really know what to expect from the book itself.
Reading it now, I am having quite a hard time with it, as I cannot decide just what I think of or what to make of it. I do in fact quite enjoy Amis' writing style. I think the book is well written and it reads pretty quickly and I find the story to be interesting.
The problem is I do not like any of the characters in the book which makes it a bit hard to read when you don't really like anyone, thus you cannot quite care what happens to any of them and reading the book sometimes has the feeling of being in a roomful of obnoxious people. It is even worse being that the book is in first person narration and the narrator is no more likable than anyone else.
There are certain aspects of Maurice than can be sometimes charming and in spite of what I think of his general behavior, and that in many ways he is a despicable person, as well as being quite pathetic, I sympathetic with the way his family treats him, and I cannot stand how condescending all of them all towards him. Though I am repulsed by his infidelity to his wife I don't much care for her either and I don't like the patronizing way she speaks to him when he begins to have his "visions." Amy is the only the character who I find possibly likable, and now so far she has not really played a very predominant role within the story.
I do really enjoy the ghost story aspect of the book, and I find that part to be quite interesting, and I am intrigued to see what happens next as far as that is concerned, and regardless of my feelings for any of the characters I really do hope that Maurice gets to prove them all wrong and that the others start having like experiences and encountering things they cannot explain to shut their know it all condescending mouths.
At the same time if and when Maurice does bring up his wishes for a threesome with Diana I hope she kicks him out on his arise, and I would love to see him for once get caught red-handed in his indiscretions.
I want everyone in the novel to get exactly what they deserve.
So I have difficulty reading the book at times because I don't like being with those people, but I am still curious to see how the story develops.
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11:17 PM - 1/31/2011

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