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First of all, let me just give forewarning to anyone who has not seen the film Catfish and may have an interest in doing so, I will be revealing spoilers of the movie below..
Alright! I just finished watching the Catfish as I have said, and while I would not say that the movie itself was disappointing I will say that I think the way in which the film was advertised was misleading, deceptive, and bordering on blatantly false. I was super hyped this movie based upon the previews I had seen for it, which sold the movie as being some great suspenseful, mind-bending thriller, compared it to Hitchcock, edified the trailer to give it a foreboding and ominous feeling. And further more I was completely surprised to discover the movie is in fact a documentary, of which in the previous there was nothing to indicate this fact.
So as soon as the movie is available on DVD I bump it up to the top of my Netflix list, and come to watch it, I find it to be something completely different than what I was expecting and hoping for.
The marketing campaign for the movie could be seen as being intentionally ironic considering what the film itself was in fact actually about, or perhaps it was just to produce the very effect it had to build up hyper and get people to want to see the film. Maybe a little bit both.
Needless to say, come to find out the movie is in fact a documentary about a photographer living in New York, when one of his photos is seen by a young girl Abby who paints it and sends him the painting, and thus proving to in fact be quite talented, from this he develops a friendship with the girl and becomes involved with all of her family all this strictly through Facebook, and occasional phone calls.
In the course of things he begins to establish a relationship with Abby's older sister Megan, who is alleged a musician among many other things when he happened to discover that one of the songs she supposedly sung, was taken from another artist and put off as her own. This caused him to engage in an investigation to discover just who these people in fact really were and what else they may be lying about. 
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1:31 AM - 2/12/2011

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