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I just saw this commerical on TV which was advertising some alleged anti-aging cream which of course was suppose to mricariocusly work, without having to get surugely, or any injections. One those deals in which they appeal to the vanin and the lazy, look great with minimal effort. Supposedly the product was supposed to help stimulating or regenerate or something or other your own steam cells, to revive your skin and thus make your wrinkles vanish.

Now I do not for a second believe any of this is true, and even if could possibly have a shred of legitimacy to it, well it is not within my nature to use any such vanity products as that, but hypothetically speaking, if I were a person so inclined to such things, and if in addition I was desperate and or stupid enough to believe that it would actually work, I certainly would not want to use it if it in fact made you look like the people who were selling it.
The spokesmen and woman for the product were actually frightening looking, in fact I think there is a very good chance that the alleged plastic surgeon who was vouching for the product, may have in fact been an alien. I mean if you are going to be a snake oil salesmen you should at least take the time to invest in a slightly higher quality of model. If you are selling some kind of beauty enhancing product than the people who are selling it should make you want to look just like them, and not shudder in repulsion and question if in fact they are actually human.
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7:21 PM - 2/13/2011

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