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Labyrinth of the Mind

My Lifes Soundtrack

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This is something I thought I would do just for fun, it is something I did for one of the playlists on my ipod. If my life had a soundtrack like in the movies, these are the songs that would be on it. These songs are those that best speak to me and relate to my personality, as well as my experiences both things from my past and present.


It's Been A While-Staind

Head Like A Hole-NIN


Freedom Fighter-Creed


We Will Rock You-Queen


Shackled-Vertical Horizon


Just For-Nickleback


I Stand Alone-Godsmack

A Thousand Years-Sting


Light Up My Room-Barenaked Ladies

Defeat You-Smash Mouth


Then The Morning Comes-Smash Mouth


Bullet With Butterfly Wings-Smashing Pumpkins

Freak Of The World-Puddle of Mudd

No Phone-Cake


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12:25 PM - 4/7/2006

Untitled Comment

That's a great selection. Cake and Creed are among my favorite bands. I also have a thing for singer- songwriters, such as Jackson Browne. My all-time number one song would be Mack the Knife, though. Any swing version would do.

If I had to put together a compilation CD or something like that, I don't think the result would be very interesting but here goes:

A day in a life - Beatles

Bullets - Creed

For what it's worth - Buffalo Springfield

Goodnight Saigon - Billy Joel

The Hurricane - Bob Dylan

I feel like I'm fixing to die rag - Country Joe & the Fish

Innuendo - Queen

Mack the Knife - Lyle Lovett (for instance)

One - Metallica

Out of the dark (Into the light) - Falco

The Pretender - Jackson Browne

Son of a preacher man - Dusty Springfield

Sympathy for the Devil - Rolling Stones

Just to give you a basic idea.

dutchboy - 4:55 AM - 4/10/2006

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