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I just heard the coolist new story. I think it is totally awsome. I first heard about it on SNL, when they do thier little news segement and so I googled it to find out more information. In a cafe in Japan there is a potted plant which now has its own blog. It is hooked up to special senors which are attached to a computer, and the computer translates the plants daily feelings, moods, and thoughts. I had wanted to find the link to the blog itself, but it seems as if the blog is not acutally broadcast over the internet, or if so no one has released the link for it. And it is only readable in person by those that are acutally in the cafe.
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Tangled Up in Me

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This is an exceert from an article I read. The article is called Tangled Up In Me by Joseph Hart and I read it in Utne, it is about the boomer generation, and well this passage just really struck me.


Such misty-eyed sessions of "those-were-the-days" tend to dominate the landscape of aging boomer culture, as does a sort of innocent grandiosity. Al Gore more or less cliaming to have invented the Interenet is just one item on a long list of willful superimposistions: The Beatles as if there were no Elvis, free love as if there were no Emma Goldman, utopian communes as if there were no American Trancendetalists; student movements as if there were no Latin America; LSD as if there were no laudanum.

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Firefighting Monks

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This is a story I heard that I really liked and wanted to share.


I do not know how many of you know, but this year has been really bad for fires in California. And in the latest fire outbreak the firemen were starting mandatory exvacuations, and apperently up in the area where the fire is, there is a monostary of Zen Monks I think it was, and they refused to evacuate. They said that is goes against what they belive in and what they are all about, and instead they are going to stay and fight. So a few of the firemen actually stayed with the monks to start and train them on how they could combat against the fires.

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Talk about X-treme

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I was reading this thing in Utne called sports that would never make it into the Olympics, and it was a list of differnt traditional sports and games from all over the world that came from ancient times but are still played today, and I just had to post my three faveorite from the list.


Qiang Huapao


Qiang Huapao is an accident waiting to happen. To win players must catch falling fireworks. Each firework is filled with a small iron ring and a strip of red silk. After the firework is shot skyward, teams of eight scramble to catch it on its way down and deposit it in the goal basket. The sport is most popular among Zhuang and Dong minorities and has been around for about 100 years.




What do you get when you cross a bunch of Afgans on horseback with a diembolwed goat carcass. Buzkashi; Afghanistan's national sport. Translate as "goat grabbing" this sport is part rugby, part polo, and very violent. The aim is to sieze the carcass and pitch it across the goal line. Playres of yore commonly used knives to slash at horses and opponents alike. While gameplay has mellowed in modern times, crushed limbs and head wounds are still par for the course.


Kuuz Kuu


If you are a lovesick Kazakh boy, the best way to woo youre crush is with a heart-pounding game of Kuuz Kuu. All you need is two horses and a whip. Here's how it works. The girl gallops off and you give chase. As you close in, she whips you mercilessly with her riding crop. If you can't overtake her she gets to whip you some some more. But if you can grab hold of her horse's reins and slow down your sweetheart, you get a smooch.


And this one is not as extrme as the others, but I just had to add it.


Caber Toss


What could be manlier than clutching an 18 foot log between your kilt-clad knees and then tossing it up with a booming brouge grunt? Nothing, The winner of the caber toss is he who upends his caber in the finest, straightest line. The sport headlines Scoutlands Highland games, a mix of tradiditons in which bagpipes are played, hammers hurled and the traditaional dance the Highland fling is flung.

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Illgeal Immigration and the Enviroment

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I just read something really intresting, and really distrubing that puts a new look on the whole illegal immigration fight that is going on in the US, becasue it is a persepctive that no one is talking about probaly becasue no one as taken the time to think about it or consider it. That is the effects on the enviroment that the struggle between illegal immigrants trying to cross the border, and the border patrol trying to apperehend them.


An overlooked casualty of recent immigration policy is the fragile ecosystem of the U.S.-Mexican border. Endangerd species like the Sonoran pronghorn are threathend by thousands of illegal imigrants chased by four-wheeling border agents, treking through protected lands. Border policy has pushed illegals out of urban areas and into sensetive desert ecosystems like Arizona's Buenos Aries National Wildlife Refuge, which as become chocked with trash dsicarded by migrants and rutted off -road vehichles.


That is bad new for the pronghorn, considered the world's secound fastest land mammal. Populations hof the shy antelope has plummeted by nearly 80% in the recent years. Enviromentalist note, but that is about all they can do. Recent antiterroist last exempt the Department of Homeland Security from virtually all laws, including envriomental legislation, leaving the question open, wheather there will be a border left to defend.

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Uncovering the Truth

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On the Daily Show tonight Jon Stewart was interviewing this author whose name I cannot recall, but he wrote this book called God Is Not Great and it was basicaly a critical discussion of all religons, but one of the things he was talking about on the interview that he discusses in his book is this whole concept about how all religons have something against the Birth Cannel, and he was talking about how all Gods, any Gods, were all born virgins, and that initially did not sit right with me, though I could not bring to mind imidetatly any examples to go against his, I just found it hard to beleive knowing what I do know about a long list of varrious different cultures, but it just seemed like that was wrong, and I was going to do some reasearch into it, when he began listing the varrious different religons he dicusses in his book and how thier Gods were born and one of them he mentioned was Buddha, though I cannot recall exzactly how he tried to cliam Buddah was convcived, it was accroding to him through some divine inhuman way, and well that triggered something and clicked a memory. That statement was completely false (perhaps not intentionally, on all fairness there is many many different types of Buddisim these days, and all with thier varrying systems of beleif and presepctive) But the original Buddah if you will, he was not born a God at all, he was born a mortal man. He had a human mother, and human father and was born in a human way.


He was a man of flesh and blood, and he was originaly Born Sidhhartha, to make a long story realtively short. His father who was a King I beleive, or some other leader, recivied news from a prophet that his son would either become a Great Leader of Man or a Great Religous Leader, and his father did not want his son to become a pious man because he wanted an hier, so he sought to shelter his son from the world to insure he followed his father's choosen path.


But one day Siddhartha snuck out of the Palace and ventured out into the world and there he was confronted with human suffering for the first time and he was sickened by the things he saw, and decided he was going to find the way to end human suffering, so he forsook his name and his wealth and title and went out humbled into the world, and explored many different religous paths, but found falt in all of them, and he decided then he would create what he called The Middle Way.


It was through a long meditation that he reached the state of Nirvanna and it was then be acssended to the title of Buddah, though it was never his origonal intent to be a "God" persae, nor was it original intent to be worshiped as a God or for men to worship a gods figure. Originaly he just saw himself as a teacher to help guide others to Nirvanna, it was latter follorwers of his that turned him into a God.

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Points of Interest

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The whole idea that the first settlars, (and I say settlars specially becasue they are by no means the first people) had first come to the so called New World, naturaly now known as Amercia or the Unitied States on the quest for regligous freedom to escape the persecution for thier beleifs they had suffered at home in England is nothing more then a glamorsized and romantic ideal, and is not the whole spectrum of the truth, but rather in fact a skewered version of the truth.


In acutality, the Puritons, whom made up that first pilgram group to settle in the New World, did not leave for reasons of seeking relgion freedom per sae, but instead after they had broken away from the church they were of the beleif that Europe was corrupt and they had to go out to find a whole new world, a place that was fresh and free of the corruption in order to begin what they called the Puritan Utopia, thier initial intent when they came to the New World was not so that they would have freedom of relgion and be abale to practice thier beleifs without presecution, but rather more along the lines of establishing a Puriton Nation, a place in which thier beleifs were exclussively practiced.


Of course everyone already knows the story about what had happend in the end to the Native American's so I feel no need in hitting that nail over the head again, but in addtion to that, when other groups began to come over from Europe to practice thier own relgions and worship God in thier own way, such as the Quakers, Amish, Shakers, Monrovians, the Puritans saw is thirer just and Godly right to persecute these varrious people and groups.


On a little side note I just thought I would talk a little bit about the Shakers, simply becasue other then having heard about them, I previously knew very little about them, but have come to find them quite the intresting group. They lived much like the Amish are seen as living today, that is to say, they did not concern themselves with the outside world, and they stayed just within thier own communities worshiping in the matter they chose, while pretty much leaving the rest of the world to do what it liked, as well it acutally went against what they beleived to go out and try and convert others.


The Shakers were originally founded by a woman, and it was in fact a woman who first brought them over to the "New World" and they were quite well known for thier craftmanship, thier furniture making, and they paid a great deal of attention to deatil becasue this was the only formof art they were really allowed to have, for it was seen was practicual and useful, and they did not discriminate against gender in thier craftmanship, women and men were equally allowed to work in the field of furniture making.

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Help the Polar Bears

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This letter was sent to me from NRDC one of the enviromental orginizations I belong to, and I just thought I would pass the word on


Rush Limbaugh just called us "creeps" for running our Polar Bear
S.O.S. ad on television and broadcasting the plight of the polar
bear across America.

Here's what he has to say ...

"... the ice floe melts into the letters 'SOS,' with the two
polar bears on top of the SOS! I predicted little children will
see this and say, 'Mommy, mommy, mommy! The polar bears! The ice
floe is almost gone! They're going to die! What can we do? What
can we do?'"

I guess Rush finally gets it! The point of the ad is, of course,
that the polar bear's sea ice is melting away ... along with its
future ... and we need to respond quickly.

But Rush and other global warming deniers would stop the Bush
Administration from doing the right thing and protecting polar
bears before it's too late.

In the face of their opposition, we need your help. Please
forward this email to your circle of friends and urge them to
submit their own Official Citizen Comments in favor of polar
bear protection -- BEFORE THE APRIL 9 DEADLINE -- at

Please get the word out to as many friends as you can -- and
help us create a blizzard of comments to the U.S. Fish &
Wildlife Service.

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This was sometehing I originally wrote in response to a topic started on a forum I post my writing on, but I liked the way it turned out and thought I would post it up here as well.


I do not see any reason to belive that war is unavoidable, oh there certaintly might be a bundle of better ways to handle situations, and it might not be nesscary at least not as a problem solver to anything, but when it comes right down to the nitty gritty people might make endless excuses for why they fight wars. To the very earlisest version of war that usally was for the sake of stealing women and resources, to the later reasons of conquaring and expanding terriory, empire building, to relgious reasons, to mondern day reasons of alledgedly trying to free an opressed people, but none of these are the real reason why wars are faught, they are merely the excuses for the war.

The reason there is war, and the reason why it is unavodiable is becasue the need to fight, is imprinted within people, it is a part of human nature. History I think has shown this time and time again, and there is evidence of it all around, for not only are thier big international global wars, but there are small wars everywhere as well, gang wars, tirbal wars that no one hears or cares about. Wars between different familes, and so on. People need war, not becasue it resolves anything but because it is bred within them.

The Celts often faught among themselves, not becasue there was any pressing need to do so for surivial, though they would reap the rewards of thier victory, but ulitamately they fought each other, for the pure sake of fighting each other. On the surface that might sound barbaric and primitive, but it really has not changed all that much.

No amount of new technology, or knowelge is going to do anything to earese that imprint out of people. The only thing that will end war, is if people go through another evolution somewhere down the lines, and one that does not alter thier physcial features but one that alters thier iternal make up, thier idelogy, thier very insininct.

For even back in the ye old days there were proponets against war, and speakers of peace and those who belived in the possiblity of world peace, that is not a new thought process that the mondern age has born, but yet still, it has not been realized.
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La Befana

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Well it is getting that time of year, and Dutchboy has been doing such a nice job of sharing things from his homeland and culture and such, I thought I would offer up a bit of info on a tradition perhaps many are not famillar with, of course we all know of Santa Clause, though as Dutchboy has demostrated thier are surely many different myths and tales associating around the figure, but I want to talk about a all together different figure whom many proably have not heard of that serves much the same purpose as Jolly old St. Nick.


I am speaking of La Befana, which translate to The White Witch, so who is La Befana? She is a figure from Itallian culture, and she very much does embody the rather common and typical imagery of a witch, she is an old woman, who much like Santa Clause is rather round in figure, and she is belived to ride either upon a flying broom, or some stories say a donkey, and she carries with her a large sack of gifts with which to leave behind to the childern of the world, as well she is said to leave both food and presents within the stokcings of childern.


Some people have come to belive that La Befana is Santa Clause's wife and she helps him out, and it is from her that the idea of naughty childern being left a lump of coal has come. It is always said that often before leaving a house she will use her broom to sweep the floor. Much like leaving milk and cookies, for La Befana, childern would leave a small glass of wine, as well as a few morsals of food behind and usually the food is something that is local to the particular area.

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Back to the Dark Ages

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I just heard this crazy story on the radio, and it was just so unbelivable I thought I would share, becasue it is probaly one of those obseucre things that is not really in the mainstream news.


This Epytian born couple that are now living in the US and I presume are cizitains now, though they did not specicaly mention that, had managed to somehow illegaly smuggle this 10 year old girl from Egypt into America and then they kept her as an old school medieaval styled slave in thier house, making her do all thier chores and such for them, and they had her untill she was 16 years old untill they had somehow got caught, and apperently they had some arrangement with the gilrs parents back in Egypt in which they were sending the parents like $50 a day or something like that, for them getting to keep and use the girl. After they had been caught they were ordered to pay the girl in back wages and were sentenced to 3 years in jail.

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Election Day

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I do not know how many people here might be from California, or perhaps have firends and family that are, but to those that are I wanted to post this, it is a letter that was sent to be by NRDC (National Resource Defense Council) and I just wanted to help do my part to spread the word and protect the enviroment.


"We had no idea."

You're going to hear that a lot if Proposition 90 passes next month. Millions
of people are going to wake up the morning after Election Day and wish they'd
read the fine print.

Please don't be one of them.

Prop 90 is the single most dangerous threat that has ever been leveled at our
state's environment. As a native and long-time resident of California, I don't
say that lightly.

Prop 90 will make it virtually impossible for our state and local governments
to do their job of protecting the wildlife, wild lands and other natural
resources that make California the special place that it is.

The way Prop 90 works is simple. Anytime our government wants to protect some
vestige of open space or save an old growth forest or restrict offshore oil
drilling, Prop 90 would empower hordes of people to sue the government and
collect compensation if they feel their properties or businesses have been

If Prop 90 is enacted, environmental protection will grind to a halt, because
we the taxpayers will be unable to afford the billions and billions in payouts.
And guess what? Paralyzing government is exactly what Prop 90 aims to do.

This cynical ploy is so insidious -- and yet potentially popular -- because
it's masquerading as a law that will protect our homes and businesses from
government seizure under the power of eminent domain.

Well, I'll be first in line to defend private property and protest government
seizure. But not if the "cure" is a hundred times worse than the disease!

Prop 90 is nothing but a stalking horse for a group of out-of-state, anti-
government extremists who would impoverish Californians both environmentally
and financially.

Don't wake up the morning after Election Day and wish you'd read the fine
print. Read it now at

And make sure your friends, family and colleagues in California read it, too.
Please forward them this email right now.

NRDC has joined with a broad coalition of citizen groups who are fighting hard
to turn back this unprecedented attack on our environment. (You can see the
full list of opponents at

Please do your part by spreading the word to everyone you know. Tell them to
vote "No on 90" on Election Day.


Robert Redford

P.S. Newspapers across the state are urging a No vote on 90. You can read their
editorials at

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Chasing Chimera

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There is an intresting thing which had come to my attention, though it is probaly something that few would notice or even give a thought about and it might considered to be relitively insinificant but it is the sort of thing which happend to have caught my attention and something I have mulled over, and when it had come to be brought to my attention yet again I decided that I would make mention of it.


I am speaking of the fact that somewhere along the lines it seems the Chimera has been completely redifined and lost its true meaning, and this seems to have become acceptiable for no one seems to call anyone upon it. I had first noticed it while watching an anima called Full Metal Alchamist, in which Chimera was refered to and described as being hybred of man and beast, though considering that this was fictional show and an animation I did not give much thought to the subject at the time, but then sometime later down the road there was a disccusion on the raido which brought this subject to light once more in which Chimera was once more refered to as a hybrid between man and beast, though in this venue, it was not the work of ficition. Apperently there was some talk that there were some experiments being done in which animal and human cells were merged togehter and they refered to it as creating Chrimera's.


I had thought this over, and something about it just did not feel right, I have some familairity with Greek Mythology, but it had been a long time sense I did any really study or devling into the subject so I thought perhaps I was mistaken and so I decided to begin a little reasearch and found that my insitinct and memory have not failed me. Indeed Chierma time and time again in history has been very specifialy refered to as a beast which is in part lion, part goat and part serpent.



I have have continued to do further and more extensive research on the subject and could not find any varriation upon the myth or anything which might have indicated any other possible aternitive definition for what Chiemera is, at least not anywhere in history, it was not untill more mondern resecoures did the meaning begin to change, but there is nothing in the orginal text which could support this change or lend to its legtimacy.


I even found this early definition of the word


chimera Look up chimera at
1382, from L. Chimaera, from Gk. chimaira, a fabulous monster (with a lion's head, a goat's body, and a serpent's tail), supposedly personification of snow or winter, orig. "year-old she-goat," from cheima "winter season." Meaning "wild fantasy" first recorded 1587.


I was further intrested in this strange oversight and wanted to be sure to check myself and check again to make sure that I was not missing any possible and legtimate explination for the alteration of the meaning of this word, and remebering the first place in which I had come acorss the mistake, that being Full Metal Alchamist, though as I said before given this was a work of ficition I did not put too much stock into it, I did notice it seemed to have tried to use many actual Alchemtical terms, and so I happen to have a Dictionary of Alchemy which defines many of the terms used for Alchemy, and I thought maybe it was possible that Alchmist had taken on the Chimera and applied thier own meaning to it, and that somehow it was this defiition that came to be picked up and so I looked up the word within my dicitionary but could not find any mention of it there at all.


Being further intrigued I conitnued to delve into my research when another name came to my memory from Greek Myth. Manticore, and so I did some reseach upon this, and what did I discover, but that it is indeed the Manticore that tends to be a hybrid between man and best, most spicifialy seen as having the body of a lion the head of a man and the tail of a scorpian



There is nothing in any myth I can find so vauge as to descirbe just any paring between man and beast, and in addition to the manticore there are other varrious human/beast hybrids, the Spinx for one comes to mind as well as the centaur and the satyr and others I am sure, these are just what enitially come to mind, but it does seem that the manticore comes the closeset to the chimera and at any rate there is nothing to suggest that a chiemera was ever intended to be any sort of man/beast hybrid.


So it seems that the word Chimera has come to be completly and illigetimately redefined over time, and has more or less lost its true meaning, though there is nothing to support the change within history or suggest any rational for its occuerence.

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The Pleasure of Food

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I have read this rather intresting article in the magazine I subscribe to Utne, which I have mentnioned here a few times and which has inspisered some of my other writings here on this blog. The article I want to talk about today was title The Pleasure Principle and it was about the unhealty reltationship we in society have with food. It seems for the most part people view food either as something they have to do battle with, or something they over indulge in and exhibit little control, both these attitudes are unhealty for mind and body. The Pleasure Principle offers a middle ground, in which you can enjoy food without fear or guilt and you dod not have to surpress yourself from eating foods that are charaterized as bad for you as long as you exhibit moderation. The idea behind the Pleasure Principle is that you should enjoy and savor your food and you should allow your body experince the pleasure of food without feeling guilty about it, though this does not mean eat as much as you want, part of the pleasure principle is showing some modernration, but it is doing so in a way that does not prohibit those foods that we are so often told are bad, though it is still important to incooperate healty items into the diet as well. The pleasure principle offers a balance a way we do not have to opress ourselves and yet at the same time not overdue things as well. Another part of the pleasure principle is that if you really take the time to savor what you eat and experince the joys of the food and its pleasures it will be more fullfilling, often when the full enjoyment of food is not experinced we are left feeling the hunt to hunt out more food to eat to try and find that missing fullfillment we denyed ourselves which induces us to eat more.The Pleasure Principle offers a healther state of mind when it comes to food and this in turn effects the body and helps the body feel healither, and this acutally helps the matablism to work better. I perosnally found the article to be very enlightening and it had changed the way I look at things though I have never been one to get into the whole dieting thing and such and I freely admit to enjoying food, it still changed my view and I think that it is a concept that everyone could learn from and benefit from.
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Notice to Rabbit Owners

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This is just a notice I wanted to post to the rabbit owners out there, particuarly the new rabbit owners and those whom might not be aware as I myself was for a long time untill just recently. Ear mites can be a very big and common problem that occurs in rabbits, most particuarly in "resuce" or pound rabbits, that is rabbits whom have been taken from an enviroment where they might have been negelgeted and not given proper care.


I have had rabbits most all of my life, since I was about 6 or 7 years old but by some mircalce or stroke of luck I have never had the problem before untill now, though it could be that the rabbit I have now was a pound rabbit and priveiously most my rabbits I have bought at farms.


Mites are not a serious condition as long as the problem is kept undercontrol and caught early on, so you should reguarly check your rabbits for those of you whom have them. The way you spot ear mites is by looking into thier ears, down tword the cannal where the mites start. If you notice a brown crusty scab like leasion that is mites. The best thing to do when you locate mites is to go to the vet to get the proper teatment. The treatment is farily simple, it comes in the form of ear drops that you drop down into the ears.


Mites can be reaccuring so even after the problem is cleared up and the treatment over you should still check your rabbits ears regulary because there is a chance that it will get mites again, and the earlier you can stop it the better. Mites do cause a great deal of pain and discomfort to rabbits and if the problem goes untreated then it can become serious. The mites will move all the way up the ear and start to effect the outside of the ear, and will even begin to move along the eyes, nose, mouth etc.... if the problem goes untreated.


But if you discover mites there is no reason the panic, it is easily taken care of particuarly if caught early. There are several soruces online that reccomend different treatments for mites, but the safest bet is just to go the vet to get the prescription medication.

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Orgins of Easter

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Well it is almost Easter another holliday which today is largely attributed to Christains, but yet, like most "Christain" holidays began before Christainty with the Pagans, so here is an article on the origins of Easter

Easter celebrations were held hundreds of years before Christ was born as festivals of spring honoring Eostre, the great mother goddess of the Saxons. This name was fashioned after the ancient word for spring, Eastre. The goddess Ostara was the Norse equivalent whose symbols were the hare and the egg. From this comes our modern tradition of celebrating Easter with eggs and bunnies.

In the Mediterranean region, there was a pre-Christian spring celebration centered around the vernal equinox (March 20 or 21) that honored Cybele, the Phrygian goddess of fertility. Cybele’s consort, Attis, was considered born of a virgin and was believed to have died and been resurrected three days later. Attis derived his mythology from even earlier gods, Osiris, Dionysus, and Orpheus, who also were supposed to have been born of a virgin and suffered death and resurrection as long as 500 years before Christ was born. The death of Attis was commemorated on a Friday and the resurrection was celebrated three days later on Sunday.

There are other Easter traditions that are pagan in origin. The Easter sunrise service is derived from the ancient pagan practice of welcoming the sun on the morning of the spring equinox, marking the beginning of spring. What we now call Easter lilies were revered by the ancients as symbols of fertility and representative of the male genitalia. The ancient Babylonian religions had rituals involving dyed eggs as did the ancient Egyptians.

The Christian version of Easter is celebrated after the first full moon after the vernal equinox. Modern day neo-pagans usually have their spring celebrations on the day of the equinox. Either way, these celebrations have gone on every year continuously for over 2500 years. So, next Sunday, if you go to an Easter sunrise service, hunt for colored eggs or eat marshmallow bunnies, remember you are indulging in pagan rituals that celebrate fertility and the advent of springtime!

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Origns of St. Patrick's Day

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Most people see St. Patrick's Day, as a day to go out to your nearest Pub or bar and get drunk, and ware the color green or else you will get pinched, well being of Irish descent I decided to post this article about where St. Patrick's Day came from. Though what is stated below does not nessciarly reflect any of my own beleifs, it is ment to be purely informative about the holiday.


History of St Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day has its origins in ancient times. Patrick lived in the British Isles, a land invaded and conquered first by the Romans and then by Germanic tribes. Patrick was captured and taken as a slave at the age of sixteen.

Legend has it that one night while he was praying, a voice told him to escape and find a ship that was waiting for him two hundred miles away. Patrick got to the ship, sailed to Europe, and disembarked in what is now probably France. He led several of the ship's crew through a dangerous forest, praying all the time. Neither Patrick nor any member of his crew was captured. When some of the men were about to die of starvation, wild animals appeared for them to eat. Events such as these appeared to be miracles and gave rise to later legends surrounding Patrick.

Once home, Patrick felt that he was called by God to perform an important mission. He believed it was his duty to go back to Ireland and convert the Celtic people to the Christian religion.

Patrick arrived in Ireland and became a missionary, travelling from village to village and talking about his faith. Once, several members of a tribe approached Patrick and told him that they found it difficult to understand and believe in the Holy Trinity. Patrick thought a moment, then stooped down and picked one of the plentiful shamrocks growing wild around Ireland. "Here are three leaves," he said, "yet it is one plant. Imagine the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit as each of these leaves. Here they are, yet they are one plant." The tribesmen understood, because Patrick had used a familiar object to explain. From that time on, the shamrock has been a revered symbol of Ireland.

Stories of Saint Patrick, for by then he was a saint, reached far and wide. His most famous feat is forcing the snakes out of the entire country of Ireland. Even though there are many different stories about how he accomplished such a task, it is probably not true.

St Patrick died on March 17 and the Irish people set aside the day to mourn. He became the patron saint of Ireland. Mourning turned to commemorating him and celebrating his life. Americans have inherited this custom. On St Patrick's Day in the United States, millions of people celebrate whether they are Irish or not!

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