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Labyrinth of the Mind

Irish Soul

Posted in Poetry
Irish Soul
The echoes of the past
roar in a the ever present thunder
of waves beating against the rocky shore,
where ghosts seem to linger behind every
turn of stone, and history breathes
within the sighs of the wind,
which still carry faintly the music
of the bards which once prevailed.
In the passing years,
beneath the yolk of the church
which now appears to prevail,
there is an ancient voice
that will not be eclipsed
and still the lore of the
Druid's live upon the lips,
and within the hearts
of the people.
The legend of the fae,
and the spirit of the land
remain just as pervasive
upon this day as it was through
the centuries more than thousands of  years
It is the Heathen soul
which will always be kept alive,
and never broken
or forsaken,
however others may try,
the power still beats strong
of the mysteries once held,
a mystic thread never to be severed.
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Infertile Wishes

Posted in Poetry
Infertile Wishes
The world is carved
unfair with a taste of
bitter irony,
we can only but laugh
if we wish to stay sane.
This "gift"
as other's would have it,
so neatly coveted
among those cruelly denied,
while I look in disdain
and squander it
without gratitude
for the condition.
What they remorse in
gladly I would
bear their unnatural
the dead inside,
which for me
would mean
a simple convenience
and a preferable
state of things.
For all the useless
surgeries which have been
for mere purposes of vanity,
I would happily
give up my womb
to another in exchange
for one that does not produce.
To sit there dead inside me,
what others may dread
I should be quite
contended with.
I have no need for
it is but a burden to me,
give me instead
empty silence,
dark hallow chambers,
while another
desirous of the sacred right
of motherhood
denied by nature
might instead take of mine
what I would toss aside.
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The Painted Whore

Posted in Poetry
The Painted Whore
She was condemned to death
by the House built upon hypocrisy,
when she was forced to watch
as those who danced beneath the moon
were put to slaughter, their spirituality
ripped from within their breast
to be force fed the ideology
of another.
She rose above to command
her own armies to defend the livelihood
which has lived long before word spread
in the wind of this new found deity,
for her courage and her strength,
her defiance against the burning hate
she was labeled by the men who walked
beneath the banner of their "God of Peace"
as villain most vile and an embodiment of evil.
While they preach their stories of a God
whom commanded his love be proved through
a man's willingness to put to slaughter
his only son, she was demonized by
whispered rumors of children put to death
upon heathen altars.
Believing their righteousness is found
within their masculinity, but because she
instead did not bow upon her knees before them
in proper humility, rather embraced
the power of her feminity, because her lips
were painted red, and she laughed in the face
of their God with scorn, she was thrown from her
tower and they danced with glee as wild dogs
ripped her to shreds.
And yet, they still contest that she
was the evil one.
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You Were Never the One

Posted in Poetry
You Were Never the One
It was
raw animal
Static electricity
which set off
a spark
of attraction
like synapses
a pull is felt
caught within
by rare
of tenderness
Small fires
still burn
a candle kept
not snuffed out
drawn apart
our lives
would never
fit together
in completion
yin & yang
of the body
Not quite lust
not enough love
but a friction
to be placed
Never to break
into the light of day
but only to live
in passing
of the mind.
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The Death of a Tribe

Posted in Poetry
The Death of a Tribe

A world once held inside,
cradled through the avenues
of the mind, breathing
through memories, racing
across the body's planes.

So fragile an existence
for a nation contained
within this solitary vessel,
all their knowledge, joy, and sorrows,
the many faces now dead
live solely through a lone survivor.

Vanishing as soon as the last
light darkened behind the eyes,
with no children to carry the spark
beyond she became grandmother
of a tribe, keeper of traditions
which stretch back through time.

The world could shudder and cry
at the loss, a civilization
left now only scattered bones,
gone forever a language which will
have no voice to carry its melodies.

How many stories now will be left
to fall away into the dust,
how soon will it be forgotten,
along the paths they once walked,
just as their footprints have
been swept away, so too will the
traces of their long yet brief
existences on this earth disappear.
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Your Are Not Lost, Yet Cannot Be Found

Posted in Poetry
Your Are Not Lost, Yet Cannot Be Found
Why is it
whenever my feelings are tender
and I am ready to speak
you are nowhere?
And when you appear
I feel myself silenced
by self-doubt
Why is it
that fate has dictated
we never draw near again?
And though I long to reclaim
a lost relic of the past
I know it is impossible
Why is it
life has swept you away
and I confused
caught between my pendulums sway
watched you slip through?
And now there is only dust
upon the shelves
with no hope of returning
to our Eden days
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Love Among Dead Stars

Posted in Poetry
Love Among Dead Stars

I slip into you
into the inky darkness
of your love.

feeling around each other
seeking for answers
among this graveyard of stars
where we find each other.

Lying all limbs
in figures of infinity
there is no beginning
there is no end.

A perpetual understanding
that our universe
is defined only by questions
so we can only accept
the offered embrace.

by the knowledge
of each other
even if we stand
a million miles away.

Our souls touch
without words
without need
only in a purity
of unity.

The oneness
we create
amid our confused
and clumsy efforts
to grasp at something

only to slide
into the reality
of you and
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When You See Only A Stranger in the Mirror

Posted in Poetry
When You See Only A Stranger in the Mirror
Before the mirror the image reflected
tells a lie and conceals the truth inside;
what the world sees is only a stranger,
a separate being not truly yourself,
but another self that has taken over;
now trapped behind the prison of flesh
others await you to play the part.
Locked alone within the dark
as words obscene dance through your thoughts,
(freak, weirdo, sexual deviant, mentally deranged)
what others would judge if you fail to entertain
their illusion of what identity means,
that the skin you wear on the outside must fit
your feelings on the inside.
Is it a crime if deep within you shelter
a blossoming young woman who only wishes
to be beautiful and have the freedom of expression,
(to where lipstick rosy red, paint her nails pink, strut in high heels, twirling in a swank black dress)
simple pleasures denied when your insides don't match your outsides,
and all you see reflected back to you is misplaced masculinity.
If there were a perfect God somewhere
was it only a cruel joke to be forever
entrapped within the wrong body
crying in the solitude of mockery of those
who demand you dance to their tune of normality.
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When He Loves He

Posted in Poetry
When He Loves He

Tentively fingers touch
with uneven smiles,
shyly we advance into our
explorations of opposite selves,
a purity of a moment sealed
in innocent love which unfolds
like blossoms of spring
may stand condemned in the
world's eye,
but nothing can tarnish
the tenderness of your fingers
upon my face when our eyes
meet to explode in boundless eternities,
quivering as gently as a leaf
under the kiss of near still winds
our souls are free in the endless possibilities
of love born from the beauty
offered in your heart,
what little difference would be made
of like meeting like,
what little significance placed upon
joint anatomy, if the essence of
our feeling could be
seen, touched, felt,
love they say is blind,
but so to, it is sexless,
you, my everything, all the world I need,
we in sanctuary
will love for eternity
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Everlasting Beauty

Posted in Poetry
Everlasting Beauty

Her elegance becomes her
draped within midnight's
veil of mystery, as the
winds strum sweetly upon
the stars to play her serenade.

Quivering in ethereal immortality
histories silent witness

Never changing eternal beauty
passing through our lives untouched

Countless souls connected
through words she inspired

Her cold touch ever reaching
alights the spirits fire

Awed beneath her gaze
as she travels through time
yet so intimately felt
by those caught within
her starry webs.
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Far Away Boys

Posted in Poetry
Inspired by the song Far Away Boys by Flogging Molly

Far Away Boys

He remembers a pair of eyes
green as the Emerald Isle,
her smile, morning sunshine
sweet gentle warmth,

as they fade away
into the dust and dirt,
the vast land of endless
beige sand and a sun
that was not a lover nor a friend.

Far away boys
Far away boys

In a stolen scrap of shade
he will drift away
to the taste of her lips,
never to forget her
precious scent

but awakened to gun smoke
and only blood upon
cracked lips which haven't
been touched in longer
then he can recall.

Far away boys
Far away boys

The seasons pass unnoticed here
as they tell him when Summer
slid into Winter and Spring
waits upon the crest,
but instead of life he finds
only more death and a growing
will to die.

Beneath the heart and
relentless pain, again
he'll close his eyes
to slip away into her
waiting arms, and there
she glows an angle to
set him free.

Far away boys
Far away boys

He knows this vision
of her face is the last
he'll ever see as her
image disappears into sand

"I'll see you in Hell boys"

the last words he ever hears
and he will die within her arms
to whisper sweet good-bye
upon the burning winds,
he won't come home again.


far away.......
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You Are My Earth

Posted in Poetry
You Are My Earth
You are my Earth
steady beneath my feet
you carry your own
gravitational pull
that brings me down
into your warm comfort
which does not fail
nor recede
but remains
to sustain me.
As I am like the wind
without warning
given to bursts of tantrums
sometimes biting cold
through the bones
or an angry hot breath
but on gentle mornings
and winter nights
a whisper in your ear
a reminder
that even when still
always here.
You are vital water
my sustaining nourishment
a cool comfort
ready to embrace
engulfing me
a thousand lapping tongues
 welcome me
you alter your course
with the shifting tides
and down beneath
hide the power
which may at a moment
be unleashed
an unstoppable force
but you cradle my falls
and carry me on.
While I burn hot like a fire
devouring destruction
consuming all within my rages
spreading quickly without mercy
swift to ignite I blaze my own path
leaving behind only the ash
but when tempered
I warm you on cold nights
I can build walls of flame around you
against the world and light
your way through the darkness.
You anchor me down
and hold me back
you are the cooling touch
to soothe my wrath
you are the grounding earth
to my unstable winds
you are the rejuvenating waters
to my scorching infernos.
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The Girl and Her Name

Posted in Poetry
The Girl and Her Name
She had a name like
some exotic far away
with syllables rolling off the tongue
which made you think
of sensual hip swaying,
suggestions of perfumed silk
and a dance in smokey dens,
you would believe the stars
lived within her eyes,
and her hair rolled in black
But as the wind sighs
that was only a name,
a sound like a song,
and what the melody could
conjure up like a breath that
escapes, vanishing into space.
She was not her name,
and once the fixation
with her vowels began to fade
away, only she is left
within its place, a girl
who was not born upon a desert island
with eyes that never glimpsed the
But she could not be blamed
for never understanding how her name
became an entity beyond the reach
of her narrow grip.
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My Lady Chaos

Posted in Poetry
My Lady Chaos
Her eyes flayed me
into ribbons
as the venom
upon her lips
burns through me.
We watch
the night turn red
and I feel the fire
of her nails
peel away my flesh.
My breath
stands still
like a stagnant pool
imagining the hum
of breeding
to eat me
from the inside.
And she laughs
with the grate
of sandpaper
all gravel
and broken glass.
Her smile
splits open the sky
and the rain
like knives
lances though
whatever is left of me.
Broken upon
the rocks of her caresses
into her jagged sides
there is no illusion
I live so she can
tear me down.
In the end
by your
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Winter's Masquerade

Posted in Poetry
Winter's Masquerade
Your lies fall away
frozen upon the floor
black and gold
against the snow
which whispers
of a forgotten fairy tale
blank eyes
fixated upon the stars
lost within captured memories
incapable of shutting out
the snow flakes.
You have lost your mask
silently the story is told
upon painted lips
stolen romances
within the winter air
fading away.
You no longer recognize
yourself within the mirror
for the forgotten face
left behind
where a melody still plays
from long distant days
concealed behind
the harlequins
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My Totem

Posted in Poetry
My Totem
perched high above
with eyes that judge
weighing the landscape with care
proud in plumage and
regal posture
King of the Wind
unshamefully free.
transformitive power
seeking the secrets of darkness
held in balance between two worlds
deceptive but ill-deceived
whispering of knowledge concealed
caught between the suns power
and lunar lure
Fire Lord
flaring desire.
weaver of dreams
cosmic Grandmother
capturing the stars in celestial web
purveyor of patience
awaiting upon untold truths
inspiring the bursting
ingenuity of the soul.
bound to the coven of the moon
hunters in the night
their song speaks of love
and speaks of pain
keeper of eternal wisdom
in their eyes quiet understanding
Masters of the Earth.
savage independence
a force of sheer raw power
lying low with observant eyes
solitary contemplations
beneath rippling strength
and thick skins
a touch of tenderness rarely seen
shifting like the shades of a stream
Queen of the Dark Waters
coiled in ambition.
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The One You Never Want but Always Need

Posted in Poetry
The One You Never Want but Always Need
is that girl you know
who is too much bone,
all hard elbows
and pointed knees,
she never quite sits right
and keeps bruising
your insides.
Her far away eyes
are not to be obtained
even when she pleads
you fear she will only
make you bleed.
A little too pale,
you never quite know
if she is pretty or not quite so;
a touch of the asymmetrical
with wide owl eyes,
an upturned nose,
and lips that could never
say no.
When she smiles it seems
to go on for days,
but there is a little
hard-edge, like knife blades.
She is the one
you know you must give up,
but she whispers your name
and before you can look away
you fall into her embrace,
left cut upon her angles,
only her laughter remains.
Once she has slipped
out the door
you know you will mourn;
dancing in the rain of her wake
when the sun glows
it is to the North
you turn your gaze.  
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Dark Days

Posted in Poetry
Dark Days

Memories of you
of what you have been through
of what once you were
haunt me
for the pain
that you took away
from those smoke-filled
blood and fear days.

Always between us
this part of you
forever beyond my reach,
however much I strive
I cannot reconstruct
the ruins in your mind
now filled with bad dreams.

But you may feel me close
my voice in your ear
my presence
surrounding you
to try and ease away
the echoes of gunshot
that ring true
with the skull-grins
and dead eyes
through the sleepless nights.

May my love
burn like a candle flame
through that darkness
of your past
which flash like photographs
that will never fade away,
but I will never cease
with sweet kisses
and words of comfort
gentle touches
to quiet those
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Men Who Bleed

Posted in Poetry

Men Who Bleed


There is a voice
that barely whispers
in the dark.


Eyes watching
from the shadows


Lingering on the fringe
of a society
that shuts them


Those who must
suffer voiceless
in a world deaf
to their pleas.


How unfortunate
for them that they
fail to conform
to the status quo
of what gender roles
should be.


Isolated in their pain
feeling ridicule
behind every passing eye
every snigger falling
like a hammers blow.


When will they too
be able to come forth
into the light.


How readily they
are judged as monsters
for their errs and evils.


Yet when they weep
or slip between the cracks
they are stripped bare
of their masculine identity.


Shuddering in the corner
severed from society
they swallow their pain
in private rooms
in fear of the daylight.

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Native Soul

Posted in Poetry
Native Soul

The country celebrates
what was gained from our pain
while the land still runs with the blood
from the innocence slaughtered
within the wind the screams
echo across the Earth.

Each drop of rain weeping
for the suffering, as others
walk across the bones
to reap their greed
and rape the soil
without a thought
of looking back.

And this is what others
have to be thankful for
the stolen souls
ripped from Native hearts.

Where once the drums
in steady rhythm played
beneath Sister Moon
watching from above.

Now only silence
for the voices which
have been muted.

Others isolated
in their security built
upon the backs of the fallen,
the forgotten.

The memories are but
faint impressions,
banished from their
sheltered walls.

The ones who
no longer hear the
Earth sing,
and sweep away
the spirits pulsing once
through everything,
as so much dust
within the way.

But somewhere
there still flickers
a flame that will
forever burn
through eternity.
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