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Police Gun Down Deer

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As you well know I do not typically talk about anything polical, or current event, or new related, becasue that is just not my thing and usually I do not find such things interesting, and there are many other soruces which dedicate themselves to such subjects, but I do make exceptions at times when I get really pissed off about something as is the case now.  

I swear the Oakland police force are just a bunch of trigger happy yahoos, who will use any excuse they can to shoot and kill anything that moves if they think there is even a minute possibility that they have just enough cause to get away with it. I have just recently heard a story in which police officers gunned down a small male deer without any probable cause (they and no one else was in any true danger from the animal, and animal control was called an on the way). The deer was spotted running down along a road and for reasons unknown the cops chased it down in their car, until out of fear it hoped a fence into a residential area, the cops eventuated the area and the deer was simply startled, and disoriented when the police made the choice to simply gun it down and used unnecessary force and violence to slaughter the animal. 

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Wonders Never Cease

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People rarely fail to amaze me, but often in less than flattering ways. I have alluded to on this forum a couple different times, one of my other blogs in which I write about topics relating to vampires, mythology, things of lore and of gothic nature and so forth, so I had an essay I wrote on my blog in which I give my own personal interpretation of the Medusa myth, and I state that it is My Personal interpretation. I was not trying to rewrite history, nor was I claiming my views were one in the same with the historical intent, it was pure and simple what I read into the myth.
I get this comment from some guy who actually tells me that my personal interpretation of a work of mythology is incorrect.
Now first of all that statement to me is ludicrous on so many different levels.
First of all who determines that there is only one finite absolute correct way to interpret a work of mythology?
By what authority is he the one to thus determine that the one and only possibility interpretation of a myth is?
And how exactly can ones perception of something that is subjective, filled with symbolism and metaphor, and of a physiological and spiritual nature, and filled with subconscious suggestion be right or wrong?
Even with so called historical "facts" where there is psychical, tangible evidence there are different interpretations of what it all means. All history is, is someone else's version of what they perceive happened, though they have good reason for building those arguments. If you gathered 5 scholars together who all studied the exact same thing, odds are you will end up with 5 different theories.
And has he not heard of this little thing called the Bible in which wars have been started over arguing over varying different interpretations of the work, but than maybe he could everyone a big favor by stepping in and explaining to everyone what the one, absolute correct interpretation really is.
So anyway that is more or less how I basically responded to his comments and he countered with arguments basically about why apparently I don't have the right to have my own personal interpretations of works of mythology.
Well while I was still in the process of contemplating just how I was going to respond to his arguments (and to this point while there may have been some sarcasm on both sides, it had still progressed in a rather intelligent way) but before I even have the chance to respond to his latest arguments, I get another comment from him, that was just a completely immature, unprovoked personal attack against me.
In which he states that I have crackpot interests and pass times (which granted may be true) and that the ability and skill to set up a web site is no indicator of intelligence.
To say the least after that I had no intention of further attempting to have an intelligent conversation with him, and giving a dignified response to his arguments, for as far I was concerned he had just disproved his own intelligence to me.
So instead this is what I said in response:
Hmm that is like the pot calling the kettle black. Though I disagreed with you I still formerly thought you displayed some intelligence in your arguments but your sudden need to make immature personal remarks completely unprovoked does go a long way to discredit what you have previously said.
You could have made your point a lot better without lowering yourself to remarks worthy of the schoolyard.
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The Living Dead

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I grow sick of atheists!

Granted there may be some who do not fit this description, and I do personally know some atheists who are not complete douche bags, but the majority I meat seem to conform to as follows......

More and more it has come to my awareness that in truth atheists are a bunch of hypocrites and yet they fail to see their own hypocrisy. As much as they rail against religion they in fact are no different than Christianity.

Yes it is true!

Atheists want to achieve the exact same ends which Christians seek, the only difference between is the fact that atheists wish to replace the idea of God with science. That is Atheists seek to achieve the exact same thing which Christan's use God for, through science. They want to bend the rest of the world to their own personal views and force everyone to think as they do, and live the way they believe people should live.

Atheists have no true or real respect for individualism, free thought, or free choice. They simply want to make the world a slave to their ideas of science and ultimately create some scientific version of The Garden of Eden. And it is through their use of science and technology in which they try and justify themselves.

I have been engaged in a discussion with someone who actually things that the world presented within "A Brave New World" would actually be a good thing. A shallow world devoid of creativity, free thinking, any sort of freedom of choice, a world completely controlled by science in which no one feels any true depth of emotion. And everyone is truly made into little more than a human robot and in which people are brainwashed as infants by an elite class to determine what their status in society would be, and ignorance in forced upon people who make up the working class in order to happily keep them there.

This scientific idea that human suffering should be eliminated at all costs even at the sacrificing of everything which makes us human and anything which might give joy is destroyed because of the possibility that it may also cause pain. Where people are punished for questioning society and in order to keep them "happy" are drugged up.

But than now that I think about it, it makes perfect since. It is there complete and total lack of belief in anything which makes them so empty inside that they would be so content to live in such a cold shallow bleak world.


They must have nothing that means anything to them. For to live in such a world as presetned in A Brave New World, I would have to give up everything which has meaning to me and making those scarfices would not be worth living some shallow, empty world with nothing more than some suface level of happiness, where everyone is a drone, a carbon compy and have been created in a labrotory, to have thier worth judged by a handful of people. 


This is not living at all, so what if all suffering is removed, what is there left to live for in order to obtain it?  

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When men need to stay on the sidelines

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Ok one of my biggest pet peeves is pro-life men who have the audacity to judge women who have had abortions. That just pisses me off like few things do. It just really grates upon my nerves. I usually agree with men over women on most issues, and usually tend to get along with men better, but in this case, men need to just shut up and sit in a corner. They should have NO say when it comes to the issue of abortion, because you know what, they don't have anything to do with it. They are completely out of the equation, so their sperm might fertilize the egg, but after that, they don't have to deal with it. They don't have to have this baby growing inside of them, if they don't want to have anything more to do with it, after it has been conceived they can just take off, once the sperm as entered the woman, that is it for them, so they have no right to say ANYTHING on this issue. 

 I myself have never had the personal experience of being pregnant before, but as a woman, and as someone who does not at all want to have children I can relate to the difficult position women must be in when they are struggling with a pregnancy that they are not prepared for or do not want, perhaps they could have used better judgement in either using proper protection, or not have intercourse if they were not prepared to have a child, but still sometimes shift just happens, and the woman has the right to make the choice which she feels is in her and ultimately the child's best interest. 

Would a child really be better off born in a situation which cannot properly support it? Where it may be neglected or abused? Or put into the much flawed foster care program? Sometimes it is in the best interest of both the mother and the child for it to never be brought into the world when it cannot feel the pain of its neglect. 

And I just cannot stand men who dare to get on their high horse about this issue because they do not have an inkling of an idea of what it would be like. Men like to make it 100% the woman's responseblity and say, well she should just keep her legs cloosed or use contriception but why don't men keep it in thier damn pants? Or take the responseblity upon themselves to use a condmn? It goes both ways, but as long men are not willing to own up to thier own guilt and part in it then they best just keep thier mouths shut about it. They don't have to deal with the physcial consequences of it, a man can knock up as many women as he likes and never have to take any responseblity for it, never know any physcial consequences from it, not have his life altered forever. Well women don't have that right, it is a crime if a woman abandons her baby but it isn't a crime for a man to abandon a woman whom he inpregnanted. So men don't get to have a say in the issue.

I would physically assault any man who was in my proximity who made any judgements against a woman who had an abortion.
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Idiocy Reins Supreme

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I have to take this class called Wellness Through Leisure and this week we had to read all these different articles about different research that was done on various different aspects of Leisure and really most of it is a bloody waste of time. I end up skimming through half of the articles because most of them just prattle on for an unnecessary amount of pages and do not really reveal anything useful.
You know how every now and than there will be some new study about this or that or the other thing that they will talk about on TV that some researcher got like a millions dollar grant to do, but than when they tell you about the study, you just think to yourself WTF was it really necessary to officially study that?
Most these studies really just find a way to put into complicated jargon, something that anyone with a brain and common sense already knows.
So the article I just had to read was this 17 page paper which ultimately came to the conclusion that when a person associates positive emotions with an "episode" (as they called it) than they will get more satisfaction from it than if they experience negative emotions.
And I just think to myself I wonder how much money they got to pull that out of their arse.
I mean seriously are researchers just a bunch of potheads that sit around trying to think of ways they can get lots of money to do absolutely nothing of any use or value?
Instead of wasting their time trying to take simple obvious things and make them sound complicated why don't they to resolve, actual, complicated, real problems?
Maybe some crap could actually get accomplished if people who are suppose to be intelligent didn't sit around writing papers on things like why breathing is good for you.
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Stop Your Whining

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One of the things that has always irritated me and baffled me about the Christians (yes just one of the many many many things) is why they are always so freaking uptight all the time. I have always wanted to ask in some Christian forum bored just why it is they lack any semblance of a sense of humor, but then of course if I did that everyone would think I was intentionally trying to be insulting and demeaning. Though I am genuinely curious about this. Why is it that most Christians all act as if they have a stick up their butt? Seriously! They get offended by everything and they cannot take a simple little joke.
Really that is one of the reasons why it is just ridiculously fun to make fun of them, because they make it so dang easy. You could say the most harmless and silly of things, and they will act all affronted and take everything so seriously all the time. They need to chill out. 

You know what, considering they invented in the inquisition, and that is only the tip of the ice berg of the things they have done, the Salem Witch trails, witch burnings all over Europe, the Crusades, destroying the Aztec culture, destroying the Native American culture, committing both cultural as well as physical genocide all over the world. Forcing their beliefs down other peoples throats. Destroying sacred artifacts and defacing sacred works of art. And the list goes on, there is no amount of even the most scathing of verbal commentary that comes anywhere close to the crap they have done. So they just need to suck it up and stop whining, and bitching and moaning anytime someone says something critical about them. 

That is their karma, for the rest of their life times they have to be mocked and considering the tortures they have committed over the past they need to stop acting so put upon just because someone says something not nice about them. 

Furthermore, it is not as if they have reformed today, many of them are just as hateful as ever, only know there are laws to stop them from burning the heretics, though I bit deep down some of them wish they still could.
And I am not saying that they are the only ones who have ever done bad things in the past or present, I am just so bloody tired of them acting like everyone should be nice to them, and how sensitive they are about every freaking little thing, considering they are less then sensitive to the beliefs and choices that other people make. You have got to take what you give. If you are going to be an ass hole then you have to accept other people being an ass hole to you in return.
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Muhammad Pee Pants

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When I have the time and am not busy with school and classes I enjoy taking time out to go for a walk, sometimes to just jam to my music and sometimes I take my camera along with me to see if anything interesting should come across my path. It is nice to get out of the house sometimes and enjoy the fresh air, and I have seen some cool things when I go out in the morning, like freshly hatched snake eggs, a giant wolf spider. 

Well anyway there is this usual route I always take and I like to go out fairly early in the morning for a couple of reasons, it is when the weather is most agreeable, it is quiet, not many other people around, and more of a potential for spotting animal life of various sorts. 

Nearby where I live there is a mosque and the Muslims go out around the same time I do, I will see them walking when I go out and some of them are kind of surely and just scowl some will nod or offer a cordial greeting. And there is this one path that I usually like to walk on, after I cut through park there is a foot path that goes through the hills and goes behind this elementary school and leads finally to the road that will lead me back home. And granted particularly in the morning the path is usually fairly quiet especially on a weekday but it is still in the public. This is the second time this has happened though the first time I tried to convince myself that maybe that is not what happened but this time it was pretty unmistakable. 
If you haven't begun to guess, yes on of these old Muslim dudes in formal traditional dress was sending there, and not even like beyond a tree or something but in the open, urinating. So first I am thinking GROSS! But then I think to myself isn't that hypocritical. I mean aren't you supposed to come from a religion that is dignified and conservative and does not believe in flashing your private parts in public. 

I mean I am a barbaric heathen and I am not just going to drop my pants and piss wherever I feel like it. And for anyone who tries to say it is different for guys than is disgusting both ways. And they are old dudes so if they cannot control it can't they go into a bush or something? Not stand right on the outside of the trial? 

It kind of mind me want to flash them, like well if you are going to piss in public I am not going to respect your religious views so I am going to expose myself too, because I do not want to see their junk anymore than they want to see my tits. 

So then I kept making fun of them inside my head and trying not to laugh because I was walking right behind them.
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The Party Poopers

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Why cannot some people just mind their business and not always feel the need to try and "prove their point" so to speak. Just because a person disagrees with something does not mean they HAVE to comment upon it. 

Ok what am I ranting about today? 

Well I happened upon this blog post with this youtube clip in it that I found to be quite amusing. It was making fun of anti-abortionists and this guy was interviewing these people at an anti-abortion rally, and asking them if abortion was illegal how should mother's who have illegal abortions be punished? And none of them could come up with an answer. 

And the point of it was, that if pro-lifers think abortion is murder, the penalty for murder is life in prison, or the death penalty so if anti-abortionists do not think women who have illegal abortions should go to prison for life, it disproves their point about abortion being the same as murder. 

Here is the clip, it really is quite amusing

Now the part about me ranting about it. I saw this and it made me life, so I posted it on another blog of mine because I wanted to share it sense it amused me. 

The title of the entry was Humor for my Liberal Friends 

 and I said. For those that are pro-choice, you will find this hysterical. 

So I very clearly marked my intent with the post, so that those who disagreed did not have to view the material and would know what to expect and I was doing it for humor purposes only, and not trying to spark a debate. I was clearly just saying "hey for people who have like-ideas as me, this is funny" 

But could the pro-lifers just stay out of it and accept that it was not meant for them, and that getting into an argument about it was not the intent, no of course not. Instead of just being mature by not responding to the material in which they disagreed and which was not posted for them, they had to have a debate anyway, and use my blog post as a platform for their own views. 

Not everything is about YOU! Why can't they just let people who disagree with them have a moment without their intrusion?

Seriously is someone had posted some Pro-life thing that was written for pro-lifers then I simply would just not comment on it no matter my personal feelings. 

Though I am very opinionated, I do not just try and shove my views down everyone's throat and every given moment. If I know I am not the intended audience, then I stay out of it, if I agree or not.




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One Woman who won't vote Plain

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I am really sick and tired of hearing people say that McCain picking Palin is going to help him with the female vote, or that Hillary supporters are not going to vote for him. To me that is insulting and degrading to women. So what all women are suppose to vote for McCain just becasue he slapped some random woman on his ticket?


Palin's polictics, views, ideals are completely different from Hillary's so if the idea is women are just going to vote for McCain becasue of Palin, than that must mean that women are not capable to thinking, or being intellectual or caring about, or understanding poltical policies, but you just wave a vagina in front of us and we go crazy and cannot resist.


That is bullshit.



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I am sick of Stephenie Meyer

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For me, this is a sad sad time for true vampire affianado and lovers of the Vampire. I have been fascinated with the vampire for just about as long as I can recall, and now I am in despair that it seems a whole new generation of Vampire fans are going to move in on our turf, but in my book they are just a lot of wannabes and do not have the true essence of the vampire soul.
Of what tragedy in the world of the undead do I speak.
The dreaded and horrible and Stephanie Meyer. I wish she would just go crawl back into whatever cave she crawled out of.
I am sick to death of her (no pun intended) and I am sick of everything vampire related now being about her.
My gripe with her, is the fact that I think her books are just plain bad writing. They are cheap, cheesy, corny.
And the thing that really gets to me is that she seems to have replaced Anne Rice as the new vampire icon.
Now even if you do not care about vampires at all, I think any one would agree that Meyer does not hold a candle to her. And that Anne Rice was truly a talented and skilled writer.
I grew up on her books and she truly revolutionized the vampire.
But Meyer just spews forth her crap and everyone eats it because teenagers these days have no true taste anymore.
People who read and actually enjoy Meyer, are not true blue vampire affianaods. They are just another fad.
But I am tired of hearing people gush over her.
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Yeah I said it

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Every now and than I will read a blog and feel the strongest desire to leave some sarcastic comment to their post, but I usually end up deciding against it, because well in the end, it would not really accomplish anything. Though it may give me a momentary satisfaction, it is not going to actually change anyone's mind so I figure why bother, it is not really worth it. 

But I was reading a blog today, and well sense their whole post annoyed me, I said what the hell I am going to go for it. And if they read this and know I am talking about them, well I do not really care. 

But anyway, she was talking about how she just started blogging, because she lost the journal she used to write in but she was undecided if she was going to keep her blog here on this site. But than she was going on this snooty little rant, about how like the fact she already caught some misspellings and run on sentences in some of the blogs here, and how she is thinking moving her blog elsewhere simply because not everyone here writes first draft perfected blog posts. 

I know, misspelling, or bad grammar in a blog? The horror. So if she wants to dis JH and its members because we do not write blog posts as if we were all College Professors preparing to turn in an important dissertation, I say screw that. 

So I said You know you could always just buy another journal, come to think of it is, I should have intentionally spelled journal wrong. And I should have used "U" instead of You.....ahh I could have done so much more damage, oh well.
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Two stupids don't make a good idea

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There is this show, I do not know how many of you have heard about it, called Baby Bowers, I do not actually watch the show, but I have seen previews enough to get the gist of what it is about, and basically it takes a group of teens, I presume they are all couples, but I do not know, whom think they want to have children and it gives them babies to raise. And they promote the show with this little catch phrase that says "It is not reality TV, it is birth control" 

And from what I have gathered based on just seeing previews of it, they like do different things, like it started out with like baby babies, I do not know how old, but I am guessing under a year, and than they did a thing where they were given toddlers. 

 But now I just saw another ad for the show, that I think is just plain stupid, I mean even though I do not watch the show at least the other stuff, with the babies and the toddlers makes some sort of actual sense, but in the next episodes they are giving the teenagers...can you guess? Yes, teens, to raise. 

 I mean come on. First of all, that is not something that could ever conceivably happen, obviously, that does not have to be stated, but a teenager could never actually have a teen child and second of all, it is just completely ridiculously unrealistic, because there is no teenager in their right mind who is actually going to take orders from someone who is their peer. It is just so completely unrealistic that it is laughable. 
It just seemed like such a lame stunt, for a show I do not even watch, and when I see the ads for it, I am just like, am I the only person who sees what nonsense this is?



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I just read a story that a Finnish tourist broke off a peice of the ear of one of the Easter Island statues for a souviner. And now they are held for 13 days in thier hotel under house arrest, and than he will have to pay a fine, but the Mayor, wishes he could have cut off one of her ears as punnishment.


And I completely agree.


I think that would be a fitting punishment for her actions. And I think it would be completely just and fair. Of course some represnetive of the Finnish Embeasy claims that he did not realize the maganatude of his actions when he did it.


Come on, if you are a grown adult, you know, you do not go breaking off peices of antient artifacts. I think it is scandalous how soft they are being on him. It says he probably will not even get a prison scentence.


Personaly I think the penatlty for destroying a peice of history, should be death. The way I see it, runining a peice of history, is the same as taking a human life, becasue you are runining something, taking something, that can never ever be undone, repaired, fixed, again. It is periment. Something will be gone foever.


And it is an act of complete sacrilege  against the people whom first erreccted those momnuments. Though they are not here anymore, I think they still deserve that sacrifice from anyone whom would comit such a crime against them.


For me, it is an unforgivable crime.

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People do so amuse me.


I had posted my lovely poem Lady Winter, which appears here, upon one of the forum boards I belong to, where I have had issues before with a couple members that I have discussed here before, and one such of these memebers acutually responsed as thus:


"My reply to this would be akin to Alceste's response to Oronte's similar short poem in Moliere's play The Misanthrope."


Does it really get any more pretentious then this? I mean really. Perhaps I ought to just stop bothering having my own opinons about things and just begin referhig people to read varrious different plays if they wish to know what I think.


For those whom might be currious I will spare you the hasstle and you may rest assured that ultimately Alceste thought the poem was crap, as well this particualr person rather personaly dislikes me and has not much good to say about anything I write, so I hardly pay attention to his opnions. But I must say that was a new one.


I mean is it even humanly possibly for a person to sound more pretensious?


I could just picture him sitting in some leather chair before a fire smoking a pipe and talking in a fake brittish acccent. Probaly wearing a tweed jacket with leather elbow pads.


Quite the riot really.


Oh and I am quite aware of the irony of it all, no doubt this comment makes me quite the arrogent ass.

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You tube valid news media

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Sometimes technology, or the way others treat/view technology can really be quite annoying, and just plain stupid. There was some news show on, it was not like the regular news but I think it was like Hanady and Colmes, and they were intervewing this girl on the show, becasue she got her butt kicked at school. And apperently someone happend to video type it and put it on You Tube and becasue of that it was judged worthy of the news.


There was nothing unordinary about the fight, nothing particuarly shocking, it was just a run of the mill every day highchool fight that happens every day on a regular baisis somewhere in the world. The girl herself even said she was did not even get that badily injured really. But just becasue it was posted on You Tube well that made it worthy of National attention.


There was no contriversy surrounding the fight, some girl that she had given her a drity work and so she whooped on her, and she was suspended for it. End of story.

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Bathroom Edicit

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The one thing that presesentily seems to baffle me time and time again, is how is it, people consistently seem to lack knowlege on how to properly use a bathroom. I just never understand it whenever I have to use a public restroom, how difficult it seems for some people to get things right, and the things they manage to do in the bathroom. I mean presumbely most of these people have bathrooms at home, and surely they do not make such a shambles of thier own bathrooms at home, so it really should not be that difficult to take the same knowelege they apply at home, and use in any other restroom they use, as last time I checked they all worked in the same basic way. Pretty standard stuff.


The thing that fruther really blows my mind, is the issues I see sometimes in the restrooms at school. As upon a college campus, presumbly the only people using those bathrooms, should be suppoedly educated adults, and yet they cannot figure out the basics of tolit paper, goes in the bowl and then you flush.


Hmmm, I wonder.

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I am so annoyed and pissed off right now I just had to rant becasue I just do not understand.


I went to go on my DA gallery today to discover that my account had been suspended for 2 weeks, they say becasue I posted pornographic mattieral.


Now I had started posting several erotica stories on my DA gallery, but the thing I do not understand is that


A. They have a catagory specfically desginated for posting erotica

B. I have read varrious stories from other members of the same nature of my own, it was reading the stories from different members that first gave me the idea to start writing.


So I am not really sure just why they have decidied to single me out and decide there was a problem with my stories. Or what they decide is acceptiable erotic, opposed to what is not.


And they do not explain anything, as for thier reasons except some vauge explinations but they do not give me the specifics of just why my stories were in violation.



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Liberals quite annoy me sometimes, and this comming from someone who considers themselves often to be of the screaming liberal varity, as they are called, which essential is just very far left radical of which I can be, but the bleeding heart liberals can really piss me off.


I was reading this article in Utne, and the opening scentence was as follows:


Given the fury of America's immigration debate, it's hard to imagine any newcommers feeling at home in our nation.


Now this is not the first time I have seen this sort of dillberate deciption and intentional misconception, now for those whom do not think like I do, and have not quite caught on to what the problem is here, I shall elborate.


The U.S. does not have an Immigration problem, and the last time I checked, with the exception of maybe a few ignorant assholes, the U.S. is not against immigrants comming into this country, I have not heard anyone personaly, or in the media actually say they were against immigration or people immigrating into this country.


What the U.S. does have a problem with is Illegal Immigration which is a completely different issue alltogether. So I am stick and tired of liberals trying to make thier pansy ass bleeding heart point, conveinetly leaving off the word Illegal and making it sound like this country is against Immigration as a whole.


The U.S. and most Amercians have no problem with people whom go through the proper legal process to enter into this country and become U.S. Citizens or at the very least get the proper visas and such things to be in this country legglay.


What the U.S. and most Americans do have a problem with is people whom have no reguard for the laws and rules and do not think they should have to abide by them whom think they have a right to just come into the country without following the proper legal process and then should reap all the benfits of it while having no intrest in becoming a U.S. citizen or even contrubuting anything.


So why don't all you bleeding heart pansies out there stop trying to construe the facts and just state the thing as it really is, it would make you look like less of a douche bag and make you far more crediable


And this comming from perhaps one of the biggist Anti-Patriots there is.

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Talk Raido

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I cannot listen to talk raido, and I do not know what it is about talk raido personalities but the main big reason I cannot listen to amny talk radio is becasue 99.9% of the time, whenever there is any subject or topic related to animals the talk radio host is completely unsympathic to the animal. I was just listning to this talk raido show today becaue there was nothing on tv it happend to come on after his program that I do listen to so I just left it on, and the host was telling this story about this guy who had this turantual for a bit, but it happend to be one that was acutally dangerous to humans, as most are not, and he was no longer able to take care of it so he called the ASPCA (or however you say it I always get thier aronym mixed up, but it is the Animal protective services) so anyway, the guy on the raido show who was telling the story started going on about how he did not get it, it is just a spider, why would call the ASPCA when you could just kill it and throw it away.


First of all you dumb idiot the kind of people that keep spiders for pets genreally tend to like spiders.


I suppose that the problem is that most talk raido happens to be conservative or of a consertaive bend which would go hand in hand with not caring about any form of life beyond thier own.


There is only one rado program that I can stand to listen to because they are the only ones I have found anywhere that acutally seem to be against varrious different forms of animal abuse and acutally seem to care about animals and defend them.

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America really makes my head hurt sometimes, becasue it does somethings that are just so stupid, that if you try and think about it, it does not even make sense and it could just make you want to scream and give you a headache.


I was on my way to get sheared as I call it. Becasue I have really long thick hair that I refuse to cut, I get the back of my neck shaved to help lighten it and cool off. So anyway, on the way there are these signs on some of the street corners that say Drug Free Zone, now last time I checked drugs were just flat out illegal in the U.S. so the whole damned country should be a Drug Free Zone, but someone got the ingeninous idea, that in certain places like in front of schools, if you get caught using drugs you should get a stiffer penelaty.


Now the way I see it, something is illegal, or it is legal, I do not see how something cane me more illegal in one place then another, that defeats the whole purpose of having the law in the first place.

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