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Poltical Agnostic

Posted in The Silvernary
Political Agnostic: Well this is a term that was inspired by John McCain. A politcal agnostic is a polition who will not commit to a single poltical view, but seems, at different times, to hold contradictory poltical views. Someone who seems to be both in favor, and against both sides of an issue, and than refuses to admit that either one of those view points was the wrong one, even as they change thier mind.
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Don't be a Palin

Posted in The Silvernary

To go Palin:  To go Palin is a phrase used to refer to someone who has lied.  This is a speical new phrase, that I acutally sort of got from my mom. She is having difficulties with a couple of her employees and she said either they were misinformed, or they are going Palin on her. And I thought that would be a fun catchy phrase to use in my plight to stop Palin.



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Camhead: This is a term I just sort of came up with off the top of my head for people who ware fatigues or camouflage that are not in fact in the military. For some reason I have always found the civilian use of camouflage to be particularly annoying. Of course if you have not guessed "Cam" is an abbreviation of camouflage.
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Posted in The Silvernary

Blazoomy: this is my new faveorite word, though I cannot take personal cridit for this one. It came from the Clockwork Orange, and is used to mean mad, as in "crazy" mad, not "angry" mad. But I just think it is fun to say.

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Done n' Done

Posted in The Silvernary
Done n' Done is a phrase I made up, sort of unintentionaly which is usually the way, that is I had just started saying it one day, though I do not know what made me say it or how I got started, it just sort of popped out and after that it became a regular thing, but basicaly it is used, when you have mulitiple tasks to do, and you finally finnish everything, I will say, I am done n' done, meaning I am done with the first thing I had to do, and the secound thing or the seciund, third and forth thing etc.. and so now everything is complete I can finally relax.
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Quote for the Modern Age

Posted in The Silvernary

Becasue society seems to like to try and put the blame for many of its problems on inantimate objects, music, tv, movies, video games are all blamed for violence, and video games and tv are blamed for obcesisty, though I personaly do not think that an inantimate object can be responsieble for anything a person does, becasue it has no will or intent of its own, this is just a quote I came up with.


Behind every inantimate object, there is an irresponseable person.

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Posted in The Silvernary
Bluelicious: When something with blueberries in it is delicious I call it bluelicious becasue I love blueberries, and I love blueberris in just about everything. Though it can also refer to other blue colored foods and beverages of which are quite tastey.
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10:02 PM - 6/19/2007 - comments {1}


Posted in The Silvernary

Rizzle: Comrade, homeboy/gril, Brother/sister, friend etc....


The way I came up with the word rizzle is me and this frined of mine would mess around with each other talking in wanna be rapper slang of which both of us only know about 2 or 3 words, but we would pretend like we knew whate the heck we were talking about.


And we use to always say Fo shizzle my nizzle, but then I decied that the word nizzle to me sounded like a euphomisim for the phallous and so after that I could not say it anymore without just busting up laughting, so just out of the blue I came up with the word rizzle to replace nizzle.

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6:25 PM - 5/6/2007 - comments {0}

Beauty and Darkness

Posted in The Silvernary

Well this is a quote of my own creation, which was inspired by the newest decor added to my blog, the image featured above.


There is a place where darkness and beauty meet

where romanticism and love become a strength

and where the seemingly delicate shine with thier

own power.

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10:31 AM - 4/6/2007 - comments {0}


Posted in The Silvernary
Squarecle: well this is not only a new word, but it is also a new shape, it is half square and half circle, I got this idea from watching me niece as she was drawing on a chalk bored and my sister was telling her to draw a circle and so she started to and the fist half it started out round then the secound have became more of a square, and I said, its a squarecle
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7:18 AM - 3/24/2007 - comments {0}

Cram 'n Slam

Posted in The Silvernary

This is a little phrase/term I came up with for something I think most of us are famillar with and have done at one time or another.


Cram 'n Slam: when you have a closet or cubert in which something falls out when you are trying to get something and no matter how hard you try you cannot get it to stay back in place, even if you put it just how it was before it fell, it falls again. Or when you finally get that into place something else falls, and you get tired of dealing with it so you just hold it up so it does not fall again and then close the door as qucikly as possible before it can fall out again.

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Posted in The Silvernary

Aquadynamics: the water version of aerodynamtics.


I know there is already a techniqual and scientific name for this concept, in fact it was just on Numbers a couple nights ago, but I cannot remeber what it was called and I think aquadynamics is more user friendly and sounds pretty cool.

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2:23 PM - 1/14/2007 - comments {0}

New Phrase

Posted in The Silvernary

Well I came up with a new phrase today:


Great Riddley Scott: it means something along the same lines as good god, oh my god, jesus christ, and other such experssions of frustration, disbeleif, and annyoence.


When I was out hiking today, I had come to this steep upward part of the trail, and I was making my way up, and each time I got near to the top, I would think ok it is going to start to level out here and head down, but it would simply dip and start right back up again, and then out of nowhere I just blurted out the words: Great Riddley Scott though I am not sure why that had come to pop into my mind.

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10:22 PM - 12/2/2006 - comments {2}


Posted in The Silvernary

Jewtologist: a Jewish person who happens to be a scientologist.


This term just sort of popped into my head while I was listining to the radio and they were talking about the Krmaer (From Sienfield, I cannot remeber his real name) incident, and I heard that some people now were saying that he was Jewish, and I do not know what that has to do with anything, but anyway, it made me think of Sienfield who is suppose to be Jewish but I remeber hearing once that he was in Scientology, and so that word just popped into my mind.

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9:28 AM - 11/29/2006 - comments {2}

The Ooga Booga Song

Posted in The Silvernary

Well this is just a bit of nonsense I made up, the power was out most the day, and I am not use to being in silence, I usually have the TV or radio on, and so at times like this I usually make up little songs to myself


Ooga Booga what is your story

Ooga Booga where are you going

It's Ooga Booga in the morning

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Posted in The Silvernary

I was listning to the raido earlier today, and it was talk radio and this guy called and said I have a comment and a suggestion which made me come up with the word sugestment


So basicaly Sugestment is when a comment and a sugestion are combined.

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10:29 AM - 8/3/2006 - comments {0}

Mideavial Insults

Posted in The Silvernary

Well this isn't one of my own creation but I thought it was worthy of note. It came from a book I am reading

You son of a one-eyed ogre and narwhal
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10:39 AM - 7/28/2006 - comments {0}

New expression

Posted in The Silvernary

Well many of you are probaly familler with the expression colder then a witches tit (yes charming I know) and I have come up with a new expression of my own along those same lines but to descirbe when it is really hot out. And it goes as follows.


Hotter then the loins of Satan

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9:57 AM - 7/13/2006 - comments {2}


Posted in The Silvernary

Babyness pretty much means anything that relates to babies and the presence of babies in someways, though does not nesscairy refer to the baby itself. For example if you walk into a room where there are bunch of toys scattered around on the floor and such, that is babyness.


The word just came to me one morning when I was visiting with my sister and heard my sisters baby cooing and such in her room and I just thought to myself I hear some babyness.

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5:35 PM - 6/18/2006 - comments {3}

Obcessive Personality Disorder

Posted in The Silvernary

Obsessive Personality Disorder, ok I know this is not something I made up, but is something real, and it is not so much a word as a concept really, but it is something important and relevent to me which I wish to talk on. And if you have not guessed the reason it bares some relevence to me is becasue I have it.


I can very easily get obcessed with things, ideas, concepts, objects, and yes even people. Though becasue I am aware that I have this problem I usually can keep it somewhat under control. And usually when it comes to things such as this blog for instance of a forum I have joined up with, after the first week or so the obcession sort of fades as the thing is no longer new and I can establish a more normal reltationship if you will with it.


I think my sort of obssive nature with somethings is linked and tied into with a couple other emotional and mental disorders I have, most of all my speration anxiety, and particuarly in relating to people my insecurties when it comes to relationships.


I am very self-confident in myself as a persona and individual, but when it comes to being in a relationship I do develop insecurties about the relationship and the other person, a lot of that is due to past experinces I have had with people, and I think that lends to my tendencies to lean towrd an obcessive nature.

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