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Snake Oil of the Modern Age

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I just saw this commerical on TV which was advertising some alleged anti-aging cream which of course was suppose to mricariocusly work, without having to get surugely, or any injections. One those deals in which they appeal to the vanin and the lazy, look great with minimal effort. Supposedly the product was supposed to help stimulating or regenerate or something or other your own steam cells, to revive your skin and thus make your wrinkles vanish.

Now I do not for a second believe any of this is true, and even if could possibly have a shred of legitimacy to it, well it is not within my nature to use any such vanity products as that, but hypothetically speaking, if I were a person so inclined to such things, and if in addition I was desperate and or stupid enough to believe that it would actually work, I certainly would not want to use it if it in fact made you look like the people who were selling it.
The spokesmen and woman for the product were actually frightening looking, in fact I think there is a very good chance that the alleged plastic surgeon who was vouching for the product, may have in fact been an alien. I mean if you are going to be a snake oil salesmen you should at least take the time to invest in a slightly higher quality of model. If you are selling some kind of beauty enhancing product than the people who are selling it should make you want to look just like them, and not shudder in repulsion and question if in fact they are actually human.
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Late Night TV

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There is never anything one TV Friday's or over the weekend, but sometimes one of the entertainments of the boredom of flipping through late night TV (thought it is not in fact that late presently) is the strange "gems" you may come across.


I was flipping through the channels looking for something acceptable to watch on the TV primarily just to use as background noise when I came across this strange show which looked as if it was filmed on someones personal camcorder and I could not tell what it was suppose to be, and thought maybe it was some armature short film or something. It was on this obscure channel of which I don't even know what the channel was but it reminded me of those public access local channels.


First this woman who apparently was Russian, and it appeared to be in the United States wanted to order phone service for her apartment so she was using a neighbors phone to call the phone company and at first for a moment it looked as if it was about to tun into some sort of armature soft porn, but than she went back hoe and her husband was there and it looked as if it was about to turn into some sort of domestic violence thing. Than after that there was this creepy guy who looked like some sort of pervert or serial killer or something.


So I could not figure out what was going on, when if it was not bad enough all of the sudden there was this genie guy with a crystal ball, and well it turns out that it apparently was some sort of instructional video for immigrants.

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The Horror!

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I had a most terrifying encounter!

I just finished playing the Wii and turned it off and the TV came on, and I don't know what was one, or what channel it was on, all I know is this horrifying image appeared on the TV screen, at first I was not quite sure what it was. I thought it may have an evil clown and yet I was paralyzed and could not bring myself to look away from this grotesque image, as I watched in a stupefied wonder trying to figure just what the heck was being transfixed over the air waves.  

And then I realized what it was, and I am not exaggerating here, it was an old woman who literally looked exactly like a ventriloquist dummy. Her lips were painting in this bright red color which looked like the color used to paint the lips of ventriloquist dummies, and her skin was really pale, she had these freaky eyes, and there were these folds in her skin along her jaw which looked exactly like the joint of the dummies moth that allow it to open and close.

Making fun of the elderly might sound mean, but trust me, if you had seen it, you would know exactly what I mean, it was like something out of a horror movie, and it just may give me nightmares.

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For Lost Fans

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As I have mentioned here before a couple of times I LOVE the show Lost and I am totally hyped about the final season for I cannot wait to see just where they will take this wild ride which they have lead the viewers on.
Well for the final season Lost is hosting a promo contest in which viewers can make their own 30 second proms for the Final Season and the winner will have theirs aired on TV during Lost.
I decided to give it a try (I am so excited I already have a 3 star rating and I just did it last night)
So check out my totally awesome promo and give me a good rating then if it wins you can brag to all your friends that you know me
P.S. Even if you don't like lost you can still give me a good rating
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The Popularity Contest of the Olympics

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 I never much cared for figure skating, that is as an Olympic event to watch, especially not the paired skating. For one thing because I find it quite boring to watch and for two because well it is quite pointless, I don't even know why they bother having rules, the judges or just going to give points to whoever they personally like at the time.
Even though ice skaters are all a bunch of prima donnas, when you are in the Olympics, you are suppose to be the best there is what you do, the most skilled and talented, and the purpose of the Olympics is to award the top athletes, the best of the best, the ones who display above all others the most skilled technique and have the most perfect performances and prove superior to their competitors.
So as far as I am concerned in ice skating if you eat the ice, clean it up with your rear, fall flat out on your face, than that is it, you don't get a score, end of the story, it sucks to be you but you are done.
But I think I figured out the unspoken truth, figure skating is the "feel good" sport, in which if you fall you actually get more points because the judges don't want you to feel bad about it.
There was this couple and in their first routine, they skated a flawless routine, no mistakes, they hit all the marks perfectly, and they ended up being criticized for not showing enough "passion" in their routine, and not being committed enough to their choreography. And ended up in 6th place for it. 
Well in their second routine on one of their jumps the guy completely ate the ice, fell flat out on his face, was down completely on the ice and for that they ended up in 1st place.
No wonder skaters keep falling all over the place, because they know it really doesn't matter in fact, you have more of a chance of winning if you fall compared to someone who doesn't fall, especially if the couple who actually skates well are not ice divas who have well known faces and names, and long tragic life stories.
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The Ends Justify the Means

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I do not watch reality TV shows for the most part but I know people who do, and it seems as if poeple always dislike those who are deceitcul, mainpultive, and lie to get ahead in the game. Now it is perfectly obvious where there would be a general tendency not to like such people but my perception upon it as to say the least different than most people.

Which comes as no shock.

Perhaps it is just because of my misanthropic ways which I am able to actually make a defense of this sort of game play. While in the real world I do not view lying, deceiving, and manipulating as favorable traits, in my personal perspective I see the situation of being within one of those games as separate from the real world, and real world rules of ethics and integrity do not apply in games of strategy and you have to be cut throat to get what want.

You are not there to make friends with your opponents within the game, or to make nice and all just get along, you are there to win, and they are standing in your way from doing so. They are only pawns to be moved around and eliminated at your advantage. As long as you don't cross the line in breaking any of the rules, or the law, and physically assault someone than the ends justify the means.  

Being that it is a game then you only have to follow what the rules of the game are. It is like when you are playing Sorry, for those who remember the game. Would anyone think you were an evil and vile person for playing your Sorry card and sending your opponent back to start so you could win? No! That is the object.

Well in reality TV show games, there is no rule against lying and so it is not cheating to do so, but a valid game strategy to try and win. When you play a game of chess you try to take out as many of your opponents pieces as you can. You make ruthless moves and predict what they are going to do so you can counter them. You are unrelenting as you struggle to out maneuver and out wit them. The ultimate goal is to win!

A game in reality TV is no different. Everyone there is there of their own voluntary accord knowing full well what to expect, no one can be trusted they are all your opponents and stand in your way. You do not owe them anything, and you are not obligated to them. You do everything within the boundaries of the rule book to defeat them and achieve your goal.

I have no desire to be on any reality TV show but if I were, you can count on me to be a cut throat player.

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Ordeal of the Toothbrush

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Well I haven't been shopping for a new tooth brush in quite sometime, I am quite bad about that, I do not replace my toothbrush as often as I should and let them get really run down before I finally decide it is time to get a new one.
Well you have no idea what an ordeal it really is just to get a toothbrush. I was looking around quite confused at all these space aged looking brushes which had all these various little gadgets, or did this, that and the other thing, had circular bristles, round bristles, bristles of every shape and size. Brushes that rotated, and had handles of all sorts of various shapes, sizes.
So my first quest was just to find the least sci-fi looking toothbrush, and the most "normal" one I could find, and than in addition to that, being the conservationist that I am, I had to than seek out the one with the least amount of excess packaging. They had these brushes that were packaged up as if they were some sort of breakable delicacy.
Do they really have a lot of people trying to steal toothbrushes of all things that they need to make them as cumbersome as possible.
So I was just trying to find the simplest brush, in the simplest amount of packaging that was available.
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Flesh in the Bottle

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Earlier today I saw this story on the news about this new Vodka brand that is coming out which is stirring up some controversy, and the controversy is that the Vodka is called Nude, and upon the bottles there is this outlined silhouette of a naked woman, which apparently some people have so fit to complain about or start a fuss about. The thing which I find quite ridiculous about the whole thing is the fact that first of all, they showed the image on the TV and it is pretty classy and discreet, it isn't blatantly obvious that it is a naked woman. If you know what it is supposed to be then you can see it, but it is not like at a glance you are going to be "OMG a naked woman" particularly I do not think a child would immediately recognize it as a naked woman. And being that it is just an outline, well then it is not as if anything offensive can be seen, it is just the basic body shape.

The other thing that strikes me as rather stupid about the whole controversy, is that it is Vodka, an adult beverage, odds are there are not going to be any occasions for minors to even come in contact with the label and see the bottle, unless you spend a lot of time walking your children around the alcohol aisle of the grocery store, or taking them into liquor stores, plus, at least out here, it seems to me that most commercials for hard liquor type drinks are not even aired until late at night. And I have seen during the daytime far more provocative and suggestive commercials on TV then that image upon the bottle.

So what is exactly is the controversy for? That vodka drinking adults might so happen to be exposed to seeing an outline of a nude woman? Something tells me the buyers of this product who are going to be the ones most likely to actually come into contact with it have seen a little worse than what the label upon the bottle suggests. I don't think it is going to corrupt them. And if you don't want yourself or your children exposed to the image, well then it seems that hard liquor is something that is pretty easy to avoid if you are not interest in it.
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Bing Me

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I have become obsessed with I first saw it advertised in a commercial on TV and at the time I did not know exactly what it was as the commercials were a bit unclear. It was obviously a web site of some kind, and seemed to be some sort of search engine, yet based on the ad's it also seemed to be something more than just a search engine, so one day when I was bored I decided to check it out to see just what the deal was.
As it turns out it is a search engine that is designed to act as a sort of travel directory, the information and such it provides seems geared mostly toward things relating to travel, so as a search engine I never actually use it, but for its homepage, ever day it has a new photograph up, and they are photos taken of unusual are really cool things from all over the world.
Sometimes they are just really cool nature/scenery photographs from somewhere, or sometimes cool animal photographs, or photos of something unique, in jive with the main focus of the search engine they are things that are like tourist attractions, but everyday I have to pop onto bing just to see what the new photo will be.
Also the photos are semi-interactive, each photo has three hidden little links in it and when you roll your most over them, it gives some information about what is portrayed in the photo and provides additional links if you want even further information about it.
Today's photo was of this unusual bit of artwork known as Carhenge in Nebraska I think it was, and it was a replica of Stonehenge made up all of old cars that had been painted silver.
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It all began with a condiment

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I am sure that it would come as no surprise considering my environmental consciousness that I have taken on the practice of replacing many of the old products and brands I used to use more and more when organic alternatives whenever possible, as organics are better both your ones personal health as well as the environment.

While I was eating dinner I had the idea come to me, though it is a purely hypothetical idea, that if I were to open my own restaurant, it would in fact be an all organic restaurant and all food products served within would be organics. Though of course I could never actually run my own restaurant as much as I enjoy dealing with the public, and as patient as I am with the public, and as good as I am at withholding my opinions. I know just from my personal experience as a patron in restaurants that restaurants in particular seem to often draw a patricianly annoying and obnoxious brand of people.

There have been times when just listening to people at a table next to mine, when I don't even have to personally deal with them, I have been tempted to just turn around at yell at them. "You ignoramuses why don't you just read the menu for yourself, is that too complicated for you to handle?" So if I had to deal with that on a daily basis and have it directed at me, it would not be long before someone ended up with a jug of water dumped over their head at the very least of it. And even people who have a passion for the culinary arts, and that is their calling, strongly advise against anyone getting into the restaurant business. So it is not something one could just do on the whim because of a personal fancy.

Though one of the things that helped sparked the little fantasy, is the fact that one of the changes I have made was to using only organic ketchup. For the obvious health and environmental benefits, as well as the fact that Heinz (though there are other brands, that is the most common one and the one I formally used) does in fact have poor social and environmental practices. I have this little consumers guide book that grades companies, for just about every kind of product there is, on a scale of A+ to F- based on their social and environmental records, and Heinz as D-.

Also I can say, (and this surprised even me) that organic ketchup really does taste better than the processed stuff, I am not a big fan of tomato and I thought that without all the fake chemicals it would just taste really tomatoey but it really does have a great flavor, so even taking everything else out of the picture, I would prefer the organic for purely taste reasons.

But I love french fries, they are my bane, and so anytime I go out to eat and order a sandwich, or some other dish that offers french fries as possible side, of course I have to go with the fries, but of course, all restaurants use Heinz ketchup and I know they do it for cost efficiency, but because of this I just can't just ketchup anymore when I go out to eat, and I always think how cool it would be to go somewhere that actually had a bottle of organic ketchup sitting on the table and that got me thinking that an all organics restaurant would be awesome.
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The Philanthropist

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I do not know how many of you are familiar the new show, or relatively new show (it has been on a few weeks or so now) called The Philanthropist, but it is based on a real life millionaire (I think, not sure if it is multi-millionaire, or billionaire...but someone who has a shitload of money) and he is a CEO of this company that deals internationally, and he uses a lot of his own personal money to help those in need particularly in developing counties and places that are devastated by war and in dangerous political situations. He is kind of a rebel, because he puts himself at personal risk, and does things which are legally questionable but for the greater good and he is an adventurer of sorts.

Well anyway when I first heard about the show, it did not sound like the sort of thing I normally would really be into and wasn't really considering watching it or paying much attention to it. I was sort of on the line about it, but wasn't seriously considering actually watching it. But it just so happened to come one at a time when there was nothing else at all on, but to watch repeats of some show which I have probably already seen the repeats of a hundred times, so I figured at the very least I could put it on just for background noise.
Much to my own surprise I ended up really getting sucked into the show, and now I love it, and look forward to watching it each week. It is quite cleverly done, and very witty as well as intriguing with a lot of action, while shedding light upon real life problems. The main character Rist who is they philanthropist is endearing, charming, and interesting, there is a touch of subtle humor to the show, while still being serious and dramatic, with a lot of action and adventure, without going completely over the top, but it stays very true to life, and is very believable. The story lines for each episode are interesting, and the way in which the stories are told I find quite creative. It is all around a well put together show with good acting on top of it, and good writing behind it.
It is the kind of TV show that made me wish it was a book because it seems like it would be really interesting and engaging to read.
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Wrong Number

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 One of the things I hate the most is getting wrong number calls on my cell phone. As you all know from past posts how I feel about the whole phone thing. The land line I never answer, because it is either not for me, or a telemarketer, and I have no desire to talk to someone I don't know, and literally only three people have the number for my cell so when I do get a voice mail or when the phone does ring, I expect it is going to be someone I know.
But I have a cursed number, it seems I am frequently getting wrong number calls, and it seems often to be from the same people, but they usually all end up in voice mail, thankfully for me, because I rarely have my phone on.
Well today I had to actually speak to the person who had been calling my phone, and I think I cam off either as a total Bitch or just a complete crazy person (which should at least make sure he never calls again) though that was not really my intent, I just don't like dealing with the phone thing or other people.
I had just sent a text to my dearly beloved, which was the only reason why my phone was on, when I got a call, and the number was not one I knew so I was half-tempted to just ignore it, but I figured if it was the one who has been calling me I can tell them once and for all they had the wrong number.
So I answer the phone but then because I am not use to answering a phone, and because I knew it wasn't someone I knew, I didn't say anything, I was just waiting for them to speak, and when they didn't say anything I just hung up because I didn't want to deal with it. Well of course the phone rings again right after, and I once more contemplate ignoring them but finally answer, again to remain mute, until they did finally speak and wanted to know if Manuel was home, and I told them this was the wrong number, and they then asked me is this ***-**** (sorry not giving out my number) and well honestly I didn't know my cell number off the top of my head, because I don't call myself, and I never use my number for anything, so to myself I was thinking hmmm is that my number? Well I had it written down and I went to look it up and mean time I said nothing to them because I wasn't going to say "I don't know if that is my number or not" and so they presumed I had not heard them and asked again, and it took me a couple more seconds before I found my number, and well it was the one they gave me. So I responded. "Yes it is but his is not Manuel's phone and never has been."
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Happy Hour

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As a basic rule of thumb it seems I always end up with really weird neighbors. I like to make up little stories about them with my friends about their strange habits, these fairly new neighbors moved in across the street from me, and at first they just started out as being annoying, because, to start with they had this car in which they apparently hadn't figured out how the alarm upon it worked, because when the car was just in the driveway, and nothing near it, the alarm would periodically just start going off, and once the woman was standing there just looking at her car as the alarm kept going. So that happened a few times before it seems like the finally got it figured out. 

 Well suddenly they started to get in the habit during the day, and nearly all day long, playing their music for the entire neighborhood, they thought they were having a block party or something, I mean there is no way they could be oblivious to how loud their music was, unless they made themselves deaf by playing it. Sometimes you could barely even here the TV in the house because of it, but I guess some of the other neighbors finally complained about it enough, because it seems like they haven't done that in a while. 

But now I think they are drug dealers. Every night at about 10 their house turns into Happy Hour. Without fail, pretty much ever night around 10 some car will pull up to the house, and then every light will come in the place, the porch light will come on, all the windows in the house light up, the garage opens and the lights in the garage all on, and people will be hanging out, frequently children could be heard running around between 10 and 11 at night, and there is a constant flow of cars, some that just seem to drive by and honk, others that come and go.  

And tonight, it was the same thing as usual, but at like 12 o clock at night, they guy was out there washing his car in the driveway, and then when he was done, they closed up and the house went dark again.
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Revisiting the Past

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I love Tex Avery, for me he is like a cartoon genius, as a kid, he was the next best thing to Looney Toons, I loved watching marathons of the Tex Avery Show.

For those who are not familiar with Tex Avery, well it is like Looney Toons, but often times with a bit more of an edge, and at times quite risque.

He has this whole modern "adult" version of Little Red Riding Hood, in which Little Red Riding Hood, is a babe who works in a Gentleman's Club and the Big Bad Wolf, is basically a sleazy pervert. And Red Riding Hood's grandma, is this randy old woman going after the wolf, while he is chasing Riding Hood.

He also does the Bugs Bunny and Road Runner type thing as well, with animal characters chasing each other around trying to do merciless violence to each other.

And he does a lot of just really wacky stuff. But it all has this sort of edge to it.

So I recently discovered Youtube as a lot of the old Tex Avery stuff on it, which I was quite exciting so I was spending my time, watching old cartoons on my computer.

But the thing that strikes me as amusing, is that his work originally came out around the late 40's and when I was watching it was probably 90's but today his stuff would probably censored from TV.

It might make it on Adult Swim but it certainly could never pass in this day and age as being marketed to children and at the time that I was watching it as a kid, it was considered perfectly acceptable.

Certain people like to complain a lot about modern times and its loose morals and how sex is everywhere on TV and yet there are times when for something that I would consider to be really quite harmless, I am left thinking, wow, there was a time when that would actually be allowed to be aired on TV and watched by children. No way would that fly now, because some little group might be offended by it.
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Christians Against Christ

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As we all know one of the biggest problems, if not THE problem I have with Christianity is the way in which they constantly want to impose their own personal view points on everyone else. I do not want someone else's morality in my living room, and I do not need some other religion dictating me how to live my life. So in pondering over this because a recent debate had put the idea fresh into my mind again, a thought occurred to me. 
God granted man the gift of free will, a fact that Christians themselves are so found of bringing up whenever faced with a question regarding their religion which they cannot explain, (among other classic favorites like God works in mysterious ways) and so basically Christians are in fact trying to stifle the divine gift that their God gave to mankind in their constant attempts to want to take rights, freedom's and choices away from other people who do not live according to their ideals. 
So in the Christians attempts to ban gay marriage, illegalize abortion, fight against the teaching of evolution, and force the ideas of Creationism, fighting against scientific research (of which I myself do not always approve of), and burning books like Harry Potter, not to mention missionaries to other countries to impose their views, and these are of course only their recent hits, never mind some of their old favorites (need I say inquisition) Christians are basically through their actions stating they in face our superior to God and no better then God what mankind should and should not do, and they wish to deny God's own gift of freedom of choice. Now correct me if I am wrong here, but does that not sound a lot like the big B word that makes them shudder so much? Yes dare I say it, Blasphemy. 

Christians are all bunch of blasphemers. 

I as Heathen who does not believe in the Christian concept of God, am in fact a better Christian then most Christians are. Because I cherish the gift of free will, granted I might make choices that are less appealing to God, but at least I do not try to impose my own personal will against others and I respect ones ability to make choices for their own life. Christians on the other hand pretty much give Gods free will a big fact middle finger.

And if I recall correctly there was this whole big deal with Christ being Crucified and dying for our sins,  so we could have the gift of free will. So every time a Christian tries to impose their own personal will over another person and attempts to take away someone else's right and freedoms they are spitting in the face of Christ
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Changing Trends

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There has been a growing curious shift in advertising that I have been noticing lately. It has started a year or two ago and seems to be continuing and perhaps even growing. It has peeked my interest not because I have any particular interest in advertising per sae but because I wonder, just what does it say about the current state of our society? 

Agencies go through a great deal of trouble in tests, studies, marketing, to try and pin point who their best target costumer was so they can profit as much as possible and so this shift in their ads did not come out of the blue, nor did they randomly just decide to do it. There is a reason behind it and it reflects some change that has occurred in society for this shift to occur. 

 What I am referring to is the fact that products that were previously marketed toward primarily children are now being marketed to a more adult audience. When I was a kid all the McDonalds commercials were all about getting the little kids. They were all kid friendly ads, highlighting the kids meals, and the toys, and many of the ads involved cartoon characters. But as of late McDonalds has been gearing more toward a teen and adult audience. Cheetos which seems to be the newest one to jump on the band wagon. Those commercials use to always be geared toward children and involved the friendly cartoon Chester. But now the ads have taken a much more mature bent with the much more cynical and bitter Chester. Cheerios was once directed toward children but now its health benefits are being enhanced to appeal more to an older consumer. Once I had even seen an ad for Cinnamon Toast Crunch that was leaning more to an adult audience. 

Is it related to all the talk about Childhood obesity? Are people actually starting to buy such products for children less then they use to and so they are shifting their focus? Is it a consciousness on part of the companies to no longer try to pawn off their products on children with all of the health stuff out there. Or is it completely unrelated, perhaps the companies are just trying to update their ads because they have been going down in sales and so decided to try a new bend. 

I really do not know what it might be saying about our society but I am certain it is a sign of some subtle shift in society and that it does have something to show and say.
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Suburban Wilderness

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I went on a little adventure. There is this little creek that runs between a trailer park and a school. And it used to be completely open. There was a fence on the trailer park side but there was no fence between the school and the creek and so in the summer I used to walk my dog through the creek and then we would go up and cut through the school and go home.  

Then a fence was put up between the school and the creek and on the other end there is a fence, so once you walked to the end of the creek you would have to turn around and go back out the other way. But just recently the other end got fenced in so there was no way to accesses the creek.

But well around here fences and gates tend not to last very long because people get annoyed when places they used to have accesses too are denied them. So today when I was out walking I noticed that the chain and lock that was on the gate was now missing and the gate was open and I had my camera with me and so I thought I would take a walk and went back through the creek. At first I could here all the frogs. I always enjoy the sound of frogs, but as soon as I began to walk they all started to hush up. And it is all over grown in tall weedy grasses and shaded by the trees that grow along the side of it.

It is a peaceful little spot most of the time and I always enjoyed it back there and it is kind of funny because even though it is right in the middle of civilization. On one side you can see the back of the trailer park and on the other side you can see the school, it still can have a bit of an eerie feeling to it. You can hear the crackle and snapping of branches and there is this one tree that had branches that rub together so it squeaks in the wind, and the place has its own feeling of a sort of solitude. And whenever I go back there I never encounter anyone else though I know that is the kind of place where kids from the trailer park hangs out, or minors go to smoke and drink or people will have a joint.

But when I was walking back there through the tall grass I think I got bit a couple of times by robber flies because I felt something at first I thought it was a mosquito but then I thought I saw a fly buzzing around and then I started to think about ticks because I know we have them around here. I have picked them off my cats a few times, but I am use to trudging through the wilderness and I like an adventure so I kept going.

And I got to this cool little section that was kind of scary, because it was this little ditch where water ran off and there were just these really tall weeds surround on either side, so you could not really see where you were stepping as you moved through the grass and just followed the track of the ditch because on either side of it was this slope that you could not really walk on. But then there was this big thorny wild artichoke plant in the middle of the ditch so I had to climb out of it because I did not want to walk through the plant.

Of  course I also kept thinking about if when I turned to head back I found the gate had been closed and locked because it was not suppose to be open in the first place, and then I would have to try and find a good place to climb the fence because there was no way out of the creek, except to walk out through one of the drainage pipes which are all pitch black inside. A part of me regrets that I skipped out on my opportunity to walk through one of those pipes. There was a group of kids that during lunch were all going to go through the pipes and I tagged along with them but then ditched out when we got to the mouth of the pipe and went back. I feel like I am missing out on something. I still want to travel the pipes but I am not sure I would want to go alone. I need a partner in crime.

But as it turned out the gate was still open when I returned.
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Cat Tales

Posted in Thoughts
As you know from previous entries here I am a big fan of the show House but tonight's episode is starting to annoy me, though it is not over yet so it may explain itself but right now I wish I could just yell at the TV. I know TV is fiction and that Hollywood be it movies or television shows are infamous for not always getting all the facts right. But still there are just some things that are so obviously dumb to me that I cannot get over it.

So the basic story behind this episode is there is this woman who of course has something mysterious wrong with her and no one knows what it is, but the sort of side story is that she worked in this nursing home and there was this cat there and the cat is said to be able to predict when someone is going to die. Whenever the cat would lay down next to a patient that person would die shortly after and so the cat laid down and feel asleep next to her so she thought that was a sign that she was going to die.

Of course House just thinks the whole think is a bunch of superstitious mumbo jumbo and that the cat cannot really predict when a person will die. But the thing that annoys me, is the fact that there are actually legitimate scientific reasons how a cat might be able to "know" or sense when someone is going to die. Animals in general are just more attuned and sensitive than humans are. All of their senses are sharper and it is known that dogs have the ability to sniff out skin cancer and such. So it is possible the cat could pick up on other cues that people simply are not aware of to know that a person is going to die soon.



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9:51 PM - 3/16/2009 - comments {1}

No thank you means leave me alone

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The security guards at my school really bug me. I have not had many encounters with them really but the few that I have had were quite annoying. I suppose in their own way they mean well and are trying to be helpful but it is like once they get an idea in their head they will not leave you alone. If they give you a piece of advice of what they think you should do, they will then try to force you into doing it and will not leave you alone unless you do what they determined you should do. 

The first thing that happened. There is this little lawn area I used to always like to stand on while I waited for my ride and one evening I was standing there waiting when one of the guards came up to me and was like "You know we do have rattlesnakes here and it might be a good idea to move off the lawn" So I was like oh ok but I did not really have any intention of leaving the lawn because I did not feel I was in any real danger. For one thing I was just standing there in place, and it is not very likely a rattlesnake is going to come up to me and just bite me for no reason. A rattlesnake is going to avoid me whenever possible, and for two it was night, and the temperature was on the cold side, so it was highly unlikely that a rattlesnake was going to be active at the time. But the guy just kept standing there staring at me and was not going to leave until I got off the lawn. It is not as if the school has a police against being on the lawn I have stood on that lawn many times before, but he decided that it was in my best interest not to be on the lawn so he was going to make sure I got off it no matter what I thought or wanted. 

So today I was standing out waiting for my ride and I knew they would not be very long when one of the guards comes up and asks me how long my ride was going to be and I told him not very long and then he was like "You know what you could do, you could go into the computer lab and wait" And I was like ok but I am fine, it will not be long and then he was like "Do you have a cell phone" I was like and he was like "because you could have them call you on the phone when they get here while you go and wait for them." So I was like, really they won't be long, I am fine.  

But he would not let it go and just leave me alone, he was like "You see what I am trying to do is keep you warm" And you know me, I do not get cold, not very easily, I generally enjoy the cold so I really was quite fine, and I told him that I was not cold and that I was comfortable, and he still stood there looking at me for a moment as if he did not believe me and he was about to leave when he stopped and turned back to me and said "I am wearing this big heavy coat and I am cold right now" So I just told him well I have a high tolerance for cold and I don't get cold easily, so I am really fine. Finally he walked off but he still seemed as if he did not completely believe me.  

But the way I see it, even if I was freezing my ass off (which I wasn't) if for whatever reason I wanted to just stand there and be cold that should be my business. After he made the offer and I acknowledged it then it should be up to me what I decide I do or do not want to do from that point.
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9:56 PM - 2/25/2009 - comments {1}

Happy Un-Valentines Day

Posted in Thoughts

I am not one of those people who are really bitter about valentines day, or anti-valentines day really, but I am also not that into it. My biggest problem is I am really not into the type of typical commercial gifts that are touted off as they romantic valentines day gifts that you should get.


First of all, how thoughtful is it really just to buy a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates for Valentines Day? It is a completely impersonal gift and everyone else is doing it, it is what you are told you are suppose to do.


Not so surprisingly I have a tendency to be unconventional. I do not have any particular desire to have flowers, in fact I am not actually a huge fan of fresh-cut flowers. They are like these living things that are dying slowly for your personal pleasure. On the flip side, I am a huge fan of dried flowers. My room is filled with dead bouquets.


I like my flowers to either still be alive attached to their plant, and growing living things, or to already be dead, but I am not a huge fan of the in between stage.


I am not a huge fan of chocolates. I do not dislike them but they do not make me particularly excited and I am picky I am not really that into boxed chocolates because most of the time I do not like the filling that comes inside the chocolates. If I have any kind of boxed chocolates I always cut the chocolates in half to see what is inside of them before I will eat it.


I really do not like flashy, fancy jewelry. I do not do gold at all, for me it has to be sterling silver, and I am not into precious gems, don't like diamonds at all. They do not appeal to me in the least and I in general I do not like jewelry store jewelry. Pretty much every piece of jewelry I own came from a kiosk somewhere. From some kind of street faire, Arts and Crafts show, Ren.Faire. Something of that nature. It is not high fluent expensive jewelry, but it reflects my personal tastes and jewelry from jewelry stores as too much of a commercialized look to it.


And I don't see the point of cards, they are just a waste of paper and trees. You read it, and you say oh that is nice, and maybe you will have it on display for a while, but then it ends up in the trash or in a drawer somewhere, but it serves no real purpose.


So now that I have put the cynics touch on this holiday of love, I will explain my point.


If I were to receive something for Valentines Day, I would want it to be something quirky, off the wall, something not stereotypically romantic, but something that makes me think "oh hey,  you actually considered my personality when you bought this" Or something hand-crafted would be nice.


If I was going to actually celebrate Valentines Day with my matey, I would just want to do something that was unique in someway and perhaps something a little more low key, not some big expensive tradaa, something personal and kind of rustic I guess you would say.


The kind of thing I would do, would be like to order Chinese take out and then go on a picnic somewhere out within nature.

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