8/1/2016 - Best Indie Bands - Precisely what is an Indie Band?
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The Chainsmokers

An Indie band is normally formed exactly the same a signed band. But I'll clarify right away.

And Indie band is definitely an Independent Band. Independent from the record label. This also might not be a bad thing. Whatsoever.

Precisely what does every record label want? Make big money due to the investors/owners. The corporate world at its best. But that is another topic. So what will the record label do? Under contract, they've created this rock band profitable. Be it in its videos, their fashion style, dance moves, company, even their music. Though profitable does not necessarily equal quality. The "thing" about it is that you will find there's good deal of market share with this type of music.

Commercial music.

Now, there's lots of pros plenty of signed bands have, funding being the greatest one. Although, that funding will require the crooks to turn into a money-making machine for that company, all within legal binding contract. There's a lot invested in a Music Band: touring, studio recording, banners, products, albums, cd printing, etc. However digress.


An Indie Band on the other hand, has plenty of pros on their favor. Freedom of Expression to be the biggest one here. It's true that a good agent/promoter will assist them climb some long steps, however it is not necessary.

See, an Indie Band is the epitome of musical expression. It's like being your own personal boss and earning money yourself and not for the big corp. You don't have to response to anybody, you pursue your own personal goals. You're taking your time and energy and you also allow music speak for itself.

Of having met a great deal of bands, the Best Indie Bands and also the best ones are the types that literally get and hang up their unique equipment, keep their day jobs to get a short while, as their music booms out, and worry not about the money, but regarding the music.

Now, being an Indie Band AND being signed is not exclusive from each other. A great deal of entrepreneur minded musicians have already been able to start their unique record label yet still keep their essence and type. Like Stellastarr**. And a few of those record labels provide an extra talent for signing younger bands who will be deliciously promising. You do not need a huge recording studio, just good instruments, editing systems, together with great PR skills to have yourself promoted.

There are millions of Indie Bands worldwide. Most of them having places including MySpace.com in promoting their music. And we are grateful like them for following their particular desire to express themselves under no restrictions to take us latest sounds we can heat up our little hearts to.

So support your neighborhood indie bands, their indie love songs, their rad style to obtain your head bobbing, their true core essence. You can find Masterpieces being created out there.

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