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9/27/2011 - My Letter S Meme
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S is for swimming. In the mid 1980’s, in Burien, Wa., I had water therapy and my sister’s swimming lessons (I believe)with a lady who trained swimming or somehow knew Johnny Weissmuller " was Tarzan and Olympic champion. I don’t know why, but we decided to stick our tongues out at the lady. One time we had to wait because someone’s vehicle rear-ended Mom’s Pinto on the way to pick us up.

We rented a couple houses with swimming pools in San Diego. Once, when I was about 5, I had a flat floatation like air mattress, it had an image of an owl and I remember falling off it in the middle of the pool. I couldn’t swim to the surface and I saw Mom’s legs coming toward me.

Years later on Loon Lake (my sis and I in our teens) our friend, Mitsuo, swam to a floating platform a fair distance away. My sis decided to swim out there and my dad went with her. So my sis became fatigued halfway. My dad tried to get her to float on her back, but she kept saying she couldn’t. She held onto dad, pulling him under. Soon they were yelling for help and wanted Mom, who was on the dock with me, to throw a life preserver; none were found. Luckily, a man and woman, who fished nearby in a boat heard their cries for help and rescued them.

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9/27/2011 -
Posted by Barbara Lynn Culler

Wow, that's quite a story! How scary for your mom! Glad there were "angels" nearby!

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9/29/2011 -
Posted by Patty Wysong

Oh boy. That's scary! Glad there were people fishing nearby!

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10/1/2011 -
Posted by Shelley Ledfors

Ooh, scary about your sister and dad. I'm glad the Lord was looking out for them!

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