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1/24/2012 - A2Z Cherokee
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On an episode of Manna-fest, Perry Stone had an interesting sermon on the Cherokee Nation and the similarities of the Jewish race and Christianity. For instance, the Cherokee priests would carry around these stone crosses. It sparked my curiosity to read up on the Cherokee tribe.

My first search went to stone crosses, which actually are staurolite crystals, and are formed naturally in the ground. The crystals form cross shapes. The Cherokee have a couple tales regarding cross stone. One of them reminds me of Christ:

Many years ago, a new star (no-t-lu-si) had appeared in the eastern sky beyond the big salt water. A special boy-child had been born to a tribe chosen by the creator. He had grown into a man of wisdom and had taught his people the ways of the Creator and the straight white path of peace.

(More of the story here. )


Two numbers are sacred to the Cherokee. Four is one number, it represented the four primary directions. At the center of their paths lays the sacred fire. Seven is the other and most sacred number. Seven is represented in the seven directions: north, south, east, west, above, bellow, and "here in the center" (Lewis & Kneberg, p. 175), the place of the sacred fire.

(Source )


Jewish-Cherokee tidbit: Grandmother White Eagle wrote me that the Cherokee have a custom of ritual immersion and purification seven times in a river or other natural body of fresh water, called Atawastiyi, the Cherokee version of mikva. In ancient Arameic, the daily jargon that the Northern tribes of Israel spoke, Asa vest, which is amazingly similar to Atawastiyi, means “the menstrual period has gone”, indicating the exact time of required ritual immersion.

As far as DNA goes, all the Iriquois who have been tested check out as of Middle east origin; some even carry the Y-chromosome of the Cohanim. A tribe of superb nautical prowess (like Zvulon and Dan, their probable ancestors), the Iriquois are believed to have sailed from Northern Israel, exiled by the Assyrians in 722 BCE, eastward along the Mediterranean,…

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1/25/2012 -
Posted by Shelley Ledfors
Wow. This is fascinating, Jay! I can envision several possible story or even book ideas from what you have posted here. I learned a lot from this and enjoyed it. Thanks so much!
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1/25/2012 -
Posted by Niki
Oh wow! Thank you for the lesson!
I have long been convinced that if the white man had been less concerned with what the Native Americans were wearing and more concerned with their spirits, leading them to the Christ would have been much more successful.
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1/26/2012 -
Posted by Amy "Sparrow" Wiley
Fascinating! I love finding out stuff like this. Seems like every culture has stories that are similar to the true origins as the Bible tells is. Pretty much everyone has a story of some kind of huge flood, too.
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1/26/2012 -
Posted by Barbara Lynn Culler
Fascinating stuff, Jay! I've always been intrigued by Native American customs.
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