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1/10/2008 - Roadmap To Peace?
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Jan.10, 2008

Good day to you all… Today I would like to share my thoughts on the Israeli/Palestinian roadmap to peace.  First of all, I’m all for peace in the Middle East. To have a region with no terrorism and conflict would be ideal.  The question is, how can the two sides compromise in order to implement peace?  Israel has already given up the Gaza Strip, with talks of giving the Palestinians the West Bank and the Golan Heights back to Syria. Where does this leave Israel?  More likely terrorist attacks to central Israel.

There will be more range for Katushya rockets which will then be able to reach larger populations.  So will the White House’s “Roadmap to Peace” become a success or a failure? It’s hard to know. I believe there will be a peace but a false peace.  If there is going to be true peace a few things have to happen.  Palestine has to sever its ties with all terrorist groups. It has to quit teaching their children to hate Israel and America. Perhaps Israel should be less apt to retaliate but they do have the right to defend themselves. So they compromise by giving the Palestinians the land they want.    Does then the violence cease, stay the same, or does it escalate?  Only history will tell.  There is always hope for the future.

Food for thought: How much are you willing to give up?  Would you give up half the USA to Mexico, or Alaska back to Russia?

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