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Cursed of just different? We`re so accustomed to being much like people around us that seeing or knowing someone really different causes a whole range of feelings, from disgust or guilt to admiration. And several of these people have what to admire them for. Meet ten people you won`t believe existed.

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Duangjay Samaksamam Fifty-nine-year-old Duangjay Samaksamam from Thailand suffers macrodystrophia lipomastosa - an infrequent disease that causes massive fat deposit around her hands and arms. Currently this condition doesn`t have any cure. Each or her arms weights over nine kilos and doctors proposed her to amputate the arms to be able to let her move freely, but she refused. With years, she been able to cope with her giant hands and use them to perform everyday tasks.

Top 10 list

Claudio Vieira de Oliveira
Claudio Vieira de Oliveira from Brazil came to be with a horrible joint malformation that made his head hang back upside down along his spine. Doctors recommended his mother to stop feeding him, given that they didn`t believe he would survive One day. But he survived. Though all his limbs are useless and that he can`t even use a wheelchair, Claudio went along to school, graduated from university as a possible accountant. Now he is 37 and he�s touring around the globe as a highly demanded motivational public speaker.

Charlotte Garside
Charlotte Garside from The united kingdom had a rare condition called primordial dwarfism. She was given birth to with her head the dimensions of a golf ball and now, at the age of five, jane is just 69 cm tall and weighs 4 kilos. Her loving parents think the top they can give her in daily life is feeling normal, which means this year she entered a consistent primary school.

Ganga and Jamuna
Ganga and Jamuna are joined twins, they have four arms, two legs (not counting a rudimentary one) and` share a husband. They met their loving wife during a circus tour, where he would have been a singer. The sisters voice it out was love to start with sight. When asked what one of his inseparable wives is his favorite one, the kind-hearted man diplomatically says he loves both of them completely equally.

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Danann Tyler
Nine-year-old Dannan Tyler through the US is a beautiful girl who had been born a boy. At the age of two he calmly told his parents he would have been a girl, and first they thought it was just a phase. Just after that, he tried to cut off his penis with scissors, jumped out of the car in the middle of the path when forbidden to use a dress and otherwise let his parents understand he was serious. After talking to a psychiatrist, Dannan parents opted for let their loved son be their loved daughter, grow hair and wear dresses full-time, extending its love to school.

Chandra Oraon
35-year-old Chandra Oraon from India carries a 37-centimeter-long tail growing from his overall not-that-hairy spine. This tail, along with his extraordinary abilities to climb trees made him believe to become a reincarnation of Hanuman, an Indian monkey-laki diety. People visit him from all over the continent for help, while he is reported to possess healing powers.

Jacqui Beck
Jacqui Beck had been a perfectly normal girl until on the age of 17 throughout a regular check-up a gynecologist told her she had no vagina. A followed scan indicated that she has a condition that is situated one out of 5,000 females and consists in underdevelopment of obese individuals. Jacqui has no vagina, cervix and uterus, but her condition may be partially solved: after a surgical procedure she can be able to have sex, and since her ovaries are functional, she'll even have a biological baby, however with help of surrogate mother.

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