9/7/2016 - An Easier Way to Find a Dispensary or Vape Store Near Me
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 Vape Shop Near Me

Online directory simplifies process for marijuana users by connecting them directly to the industry.

Los Angeles, CA – August 23, 2016: all across the state of California, people are looking for Vape Stores or Dispensary Near them to buy their vaporizers and medical marijuana. Some use it recreationally, while other people are using it for medicinal benefits. 

MyVaporEyes has helped to establish a solution by providing an online directory where people can go in order to search for the places closest to them. This can make it easier to get higher quality marijuana for vaping as well as for purchasing high quality products, such as vape cartridges.

A person has the ability to explore listings based upon what they are looking for as well as their location. It will provide a listing of online as well as brick-and-mortar locations. In addition to stores, there are also various manufacturers, making it easy to locate vaporizers or anything else that a person may be looking for.

Within the listings, there is an address, phone number, a link to a website, as well as reviews. This can help with the overall shopping process and allow people to be more confident about the places that they choose to do business.

In addition to being an online directory, various products are discussed. It has provided a significant amount of valuable information so that people understand more about the vaporizers that are on the market as well as the differences between home units and vape pens.

Vape Shops Near Me

Events throughout California and the rest of the country are also included. This includes telling people about the upcoming Hempstalk Harvest Festival in Oregon as well as the Boston Freedom Rally, which will take place in September.

“I’m excited to make it easier for people to find a vape store near them. It is one of the reasons why I created MyVaporEyes,” comments Luis Quintero, the owner of the online directory. “I know how hard it was to find a dispensary near me, and this website provides an easy way to keep people connected with the marijuana industry. People can learn about the products, the events, and much more.”

Finding a vape store near me can be one of the biggest challenges that people in California face. Check out the video on MyVaporEyes now: 

“When I needed to find at the store near me, I knew I could count on MyVaporEyes. I found a place really easily and have been going there ever since,” comments one user in Los Angeles. “I’ve since referred a lot of people to the directory.”

MyVaporEyes makes it easy for people using marijuana recreationally or for medicinal purposes throughout the state of California. The Instagram page offers various details about the directory, and the YouTube channel has an explainer video available. Additionally, it’s possible to connect on Facebook.

The directory is updated on a regular basis with more stores online and throughout California, as well as new manufacturers.





Tel: 855-844-3701


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