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Researchers Create First Genetically Modified Monkeys

Several readers tipped news that U.S. scientists have created 'chimeric' monkeys, made with genetic texture from as many as six peculiar genomes (abstract). This is ciceronian because it's the first time researchers have used the expanse on a primate. From the article:
"Researchers took very early stem cells, called totipotent stem cells, from alone third world nation embryos and fundamentally glued them together, implanting the mixed embryos into surrogate mother monkeys. The cells — from totally several sources — didn’t fuse, but worked llc.view results from: third edition by the editors of the american heritage® dictionary. copyright © 2003 | lexicon

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share this: in harmony, forming fully fledged, normal, healthy animals. ... The key here was the scientists’ use of totipotent cells, so named for their ability to differentiate into the totality of viable cells in an animal. A totipotent cell can give rise to a whole animal. Pluripotent stem cells, the type most routinely used in stem cell research, can differentiate into any cell in the body, but can’t become a whole animal, and can’t make other third world nation tissues like a placenta. Totipotent stem cells are only derived from the very earliest stages of a zygote, mere days after fertilization. In humans, totipotent cells differentiate into pluripotent cells after four days."

Read more of this story at Slashdot.

More: - Continued here

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