• 4/11/2012 - South African Dishes - Some of the best cuisine recipes in the world

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For many people in Western world, the discovery of south African foods ranging from Biltong to Peri peri chicken and a few other dishes has become a culinary adventure. There is a wealth of fine South African food available today in the UK; from biltong to babotie For the food connoisseur, there is now a fantastic food experience with South African Food. If you wish to taste the finger-licking flavour of South African foods, you just need to visit some of the local markets and you will get it without difficulty. It has become very easy to buy South African foods on line in the United Kingdom. There's a wide selection of foods here now, which range from Spurs burgers to Nando peri peri chicken.

Some of the more unusual South African foods include crocodile sirloin, deep-fried caterpillars including sheep heads. Depending on their customs some South Africans avoid these foods, while some will do just about anything to get the food. Because of the many various cultures and beliefs it is common to find particular foods being eaten on certain occasions. Among many South Africans snake meat is very popular as well as among the more adventurous tourists. Some of the food products such as biltong ( an air dried and salted meat) can be come quite moorish.
Because of the saltiness of the meat, biltong is better eaten with a cold beer. For Most South Africans Biltong is part of the rugby culture. I've got to say that peri peri biltong is my personal favourite. South African actually have their own version of shepherds pie called babotie.

Why not try a very traditional boerewors and peri peri chicken grilled on a braai(BBQ)? One popular ingredient that is used in South African cooking is Corn Meal. Be it Zulu, Sotho, Tswana, or Xhosa, all have a different way of cooking Maize.If you happen to be visiting South Africa, then you may find it difficult to get a taste of all these traditional dishes.. A good idea idea is to find a local friend and go to his/her house home and enjoy local cooking or if you are lucky, dad's braai, as African home barbecuing is remarkable. It is believed that South Africa has inherited it's rich culture due to its ongoing search for food during the early settler days.

Food From South Africa has now become fashionable all over the world as well as in its home region. With the growing globalisation, right now, people can enjoy South African foods anywhere in the world. You can now find many of the foods which make South Africa well-known here in the United Kingdom. You might be pleasantly surprised to learn that many of the bigger superstores sell some of the very popular South African Foods, they can also be found in specialist stores and on the internet.

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