12/9/2011 - Losing 8KG Fat In Less Then 8 Days Fast!
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Like everyone that lives outside the Netherlands. People are always wondering why the dutch are so slim and skinny. These 10 ways will cover the "dutch" ways to lose calories. The dutch is famous for their milk. Always take action before they think.

Do it step by step

Start of making a notes. A list that contains everything u eat every single day. After one week, change it. Remove all the fat, calorie rich foods/drinks. Try even adding more vegetables and healthy food.


I can say this all day long. train! No one feels like training, but this is essential to lose fat fast! Just start off by doing it for 15 minutes. After 3 day's start doing it for half a hour. Even if u don't feel like sporting, when u go to the mall i recommend leaving your car at home! Even walking helps you with losing weight + its healthy!

Search A Buddy!

Losing weight alone is hard. When you are losing weight all by yourself. The chance u succeed is low. But with a friend or family member it will be ALLOT faster. Ask them to support you every 3 or 4 days. They will help you so you won't give up no matter what.

Set Your Goals

U will need:


With these 2 simple tools u will write down your goals every single day. Every single day before you go to sleep you will write down your goal and a deadline when u want to have your goal finished.

Most women will write down:

"I want to lose weight 20-november-2011"

NO, no and no!

Instead write this down:

"I lost 5KG weight on 21-december-2011"

By doing this ur chances to reach your goal will be much higher.

Put The Sodas Away

Sodas, put them away. They contain so much fat that it will make you fat overnight. Only drink 1 or 2 glasses in the weekend. And not more. Never BAN sodas. This will not work and u will only hurt yourself by banning it from your life. Instead after a week long working out give yourself 1 cup of soda because you worked so hard.

No Junkfood

Stop eating junkfood, when you go to the store. Don't buy chips, candy, chocolate, or other junkfood. Ofcourse you can eat it in the weekend but only one handfull and not more!

Drink Plenty Water

Drink water if your hungry, and before you go on table. Not only will water heal the inside of your body it will also fill a empty stomach.

Plan A Work Out

Plan a work out, make sure this work out will take take 30 to 60 minutes off your day. Without a work out you will not lose weight!

Stop Smoking

Smoking is a bad habbit and is only dangerous for you and your body. When losing weight, smoking will only make it worse. Just don't it.

Sleep More

Sleep 2 hours or more then you normally do, it is proven that it can help a person lose 7KG or more a year!!

Author Contact:

Jeffrey Baggelaar
Overlanderstraat 361
Purmerend, 1445 DV
Hardlopen Afvallen
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