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Have you ever play or sing having a jam band? A jam band is a makeshift band and the musicians probably played together for the first time unrehearsed either in an impromptu performance or in a Jam music bar. Jam bands normally play jazz or blues each these genre of music have fixed music chord progressions and free form personal interpretation may be weaved into the chord sequence.

Considering that most jam bands play to a modest audience, there is generally no sound technician to balance the sound produced by the bands and therefore the musicians need to be 'sound sensitive' and able to detect unbalanced sounds and adjust their volumes and timbre themselves.

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So the best way to play very good and balanced music whenever you play having a jam band? Here are some pointers.

a) Listen towards the lead singer
When you can not hear the singer's voice plus the lyrics, then the musicians really should turn down the volume of their instruments right away to ensure that the singer may be heard clearly by the audience. If a fellow musician is unaware, don't be afraid to remind him to play softer. Even when the singer is too soft and shy, it is generally the duty of all musicians to play softer to ensure that the singer is often heard.

b) Be attentive to the song
Specific parts of a song are sung softly and sweetly,maybe the introduction, or the first verse, or in the emotional portion. The singer will usually take the lead. If these parts of the song are supposed to be quieter, then play softly. If the chorus is extra energetic, then play louder throughout the chorus. But once the next verse arrives, we tone down for the softer verse.

Whenever we have such alternating dynamics of loud and soft, the listener are going to be captivated, moved and therefore sing with far more emotions and feelings. There will therefore be 'expression' in the music, as opposed to having just 1 full volume all the way. Should you listen and pay attention to the entire performance, you can automatically know when to go softer and when to let down your hair and rock away.

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c) Bass player should listen towards the volume of the kick drum
There is certainly generally a tendency for bassist to play too loud. The volume of the bass guitar should be at the identical volume as the kick drum. If you can't hear the kick drum, then bring down the volume of the bass.

d) Pianist need to take the lead role in controlling musical dynamics
The pianist need to listen attentively towards the singer and know what sort of style and emotion the singer desires to portray within the songs. When the pianist softens, then the drummer, guitarist and bassist need to follow suit. When the pianist begins to crescendo, then the rest of the band can rock and roll along.

e) Singer should really feel totally free to guide the band and tell them to play softer, louder, quicker or slower. The musicians must remember that your major job is always to back the singer, to assist make the singer sound great. So please oblige the singer while on stage and let him have it his way. Do not oppose the singer no matter how bad he or she is. If a musician desires to take the limelight and be a star, then wait for your turn to do your solo.

f) Listen towards the soloist
If a soloist is playing, all other instruments will need to not be louder such that the soloist is drowned. When the soloist is soloing, don't compete with him by playing all sorts of fancy stuff on your instrument that is entirely unrelated to his solo. Just play some back up chords will do.

g) Give everyone a chance to solo
One of the reasons why a lot of musicians do not play dynamically in a jam band is due to the fact they are eager to show off and be heard. We as musicians all wish to be heard and noticed, so there is a tendency for us to make sure that we are loud so that the entire globe can hear us. I believe one reason is for the reason that the musicians aren't given ample opportunity to solo and be a star of the moment.

Maybe this really is the reason why jazz musicians seldom have problems with dynamics. Jazz musicians generally seem to know when to play soft, when to play very simple, when to play tougher etc. This is simply because they have already been given ample opportunity showcase their talents throughout their solos so there is certainly no much more must fight to be heard and noticed.

Preserve these pointers in mind if you play or sing having a jam band the next time and have a rollicking great time.
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