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Desktop Blogging Client

Posted on 11/23/2005 in Information Technology

Thanks to Ian over at Ian's Messy Desk for doing a review of different desktop blogging clients.

A few weeks ago, before my parents got here, I started to look around for a desktop blogging clients so that I could still write articles while I was off line in an easier way.  I have been using Notepad and then copying and pasting the articles.  The desktop clients should allow me to add images and downloads to it while I'm off line, which is a huge advantage over using Notepad.

The only disadvantage is that I still won't be able to use the desktop blogging client with this blog, as it's hosted on, not Wordpress like the Renovate Australia one is.

Read more: Ian's Messy Desk - Desktop Blogging Clients
                   Problogger - Desktop Blogging Clients

I've downloaded two of the free products and will be trying them out soon.
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