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Blog Echo Chamber

Posted on 10/3/2006 in YWAM

YWAM blog posts according to TechnoratiI remember first reading about the phenomenon of the "Blog Echo Chamber" a while ago on ProBlogger on Darren's article entitled "How to Eliminate the Echo Chamber and Add New Dimensions to Your Blog".

The "Blog echo chamber" is witnessed a lot in tech blogs, especially when new things come out or things like the "Exploding Dell Batteries" happens. I had never actually seen it before though as bad as I did around the movie "Path to 9/11" and the director David Cunningham.

David Cunningham is son of Loren Cunningham, the founder of Youth With A Mission. As such he still as a lot of ties and relationships with people in Youth With A Mission. During the lead up to the movie there appeared to be a lot of buzz linking the movie to YWAM. If you take a look at Technorati for that time period the number of blog posts containing the word "YWAM" went from an average of about 25 up to almost 100 posts. The noise continued for a bit, but died off fairly quickly to get back to normal levels shortly after.

With those many posts being written about YWAM you would think that there would be a lot to say about YWAM. The sad, or pathetic, thing though is that among all of those new posts only about 2 - 5 of them were actually original or thoughtful content. Almost all of the posts were just a direct copy of an article from "The Nation" magazine. A few people had written commentary about the article, but for the most part they were a simple copy & paste job.

Traditional news sources can suffer from a similar phenomenon to the "Echo Chamber", but usually not as blatant as a copy & paste job...

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