Thursday, March 6, 2008 - Relocating...again.
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Last time, I hope.

The slow loading time on this site is making me crazy. At first I thought it might be an issue generated by the pitifully small amount of memory on my computer, so I went through and deleted a bunch of stuff and uninstalled all of the games John put on it for me (losing thos Doom games was the WORST). This did not help and a lot of other things were running slow as well, so Larry put more memory on my PC. Seems everything BUT JH speeded up tremendously.

I like this site but the load time gets on my nerves, especially when it takes so long to get something to post that either the site or my PC time out and everything I've written is lost. Not that I think the world is somehow deprived of my brilliance - to be honest, I'm shocked anyone reads my bloviations and bitchings to begin with. I'm more concerned about venting or posting something with images that mean a lot to me and the time it takes to insert the various tags, then it's gone into electronic la-la land never to be seen again, UNLESS...I retype the whole thing from memory.

Pisses me off very much bad.

Used to hate LJ, but they've got a lot of new features that are absolutely wonderful, I can choose the system to use for personalizing how my journal looks and best of all it loads in less time than it takes me to go to the bathroom, fix myself a sandwich and drink a cup of coffee - in that order. I didn't want to sign up, decide I hated it and end up stuck because I had redirected there, so I tried it out for a few days and I have to say, I'm impressed. It's not Diary-X, but it's not bad. Pretty damn good, in fact.

So for (hopefully) the last time, this is my new journal: Lothlorien. I'm still working on adding links, etc. so it still looks a bit rough. Will be done soon.

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