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My life has always been an open book. Let's keep it that way. No pretenses, no BS, all pure self-expression for the love of love, truth, honesty and justice. 

I am an aspiring photographer, DJ, artist, writer, composer, singer, makeup artist, host, manager, educator, cook, explorer, traveler, certified diver, PCGA member, businesswoman/entrepreneur, full time wife and mother all in one - some I have done, the rest to follow in God's time c",)

Join me in my journey through this so-called life. You are most welcomed to tag along and touch as many lives as you can! :)

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1/14/2011 - handler for dec 9: Judge me Not
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I don't pretend to be somebody I am not. Either you take me for who and what I am or take nothing of me at all. Life is too short to be lived as others want you to live it. So long as your conscience is clear, you get to sleep at night and you're not stepping on others' shoes, there's nothing to worry about. Only HE can judge you and me. 

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