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9/29/2008: Rapid fire-ant sting desensitization OK in kids
9/29/2008: US eases visa rules for HIV-positive visitors (AFP)
9/29/2008: Bladder problems keep women out of sports
9/29/2008: More foods getting labeled as US or foreign-grown (AP)
9/29/2008: More older Americans screened for colon cancer
9/29/2008: Britain's Cadbury finds melamine in recalled food: spokesman (AFP)
9/29/2008: Eating Fish, Breast-Feeding Boost Infant Development
9/29/2008: Scams and Shams That Prey on Cancer Patients
9/29/2008: Health Tip: Eating Out With Food Allergies
9/28/2008: The brains behind a blade runner
9/28/2008: Japan experts identify daytime sleepiness gene
9/28/2008: More virulent strain of herpes hitting sumo wrestlers: study (AFP)
9/28/2008: Scientists pinpoint genetic driver of narcolepsy (AFP)
9/28/2008: Australian woman unable to open eyes three days a week: report (AFP)
9/28/2008: Health Highlights: Sept. 28, 2008
9/28/2008: Studies Ignite Hope for Long-Acting Allergy Vaccines
9/28/2008: Older Problem Gamblers Face Increased Suicide Risk
9/28/2008: Mexico pushes national campaign to lose weight (AP)
9/28/2008: China milk victim lawyers say pressed to quit
9/28/2008: Indonesia says melamine found in 12 China food products
9/28/2008: Beijing announces steps to fight smog, traffic (AFP)
9/27/2008: Under Mao and Deng, milk was unknown in China (AFP)
9/27/2008: Health Highlights: Sept. 27, 2008
9/27/2008: Korea's "root of life" has ever-growing fan club (AFP)
9/27/2008: Women scale Alps peak in bid to improve cancer treatment (AFP)
9/27/2008: China's Wen vows to make 'made in China' brand safe (AFP)
9/27/2008: Fall Sports Peak Time for Lower Leg Damage
9/27/2008: Tainted milk crisis hits more global companies (AP)
9/27/2008: China tries to reassure public over milk scare (AFP)
9/27/2008: China tries to reassure pulic over milk scare (AFP)
9/26/2008: China tries to reassure public over milk scare (AFP)
9/26/2008: West Nile season appears to be mildest in 7 years (AP)
9/26/2008: British cigarette packs to carry graphic picture warnings (AFP)
9/26/2008: Health Tip: Ease PMS Symptoms
9/26/2008: Health Tip: If Your Child Stutters
9/26/2008: Physical Exam as Good as High Tech in Assessing Heart
9/26/2008: Babies Who Eat Fish Lower Eczema Risk
9/26/2008: Most Medicare Drug Premiums Same or Lower in 2009
9/26/2008: Drug Fights Diabetic Eye Disease
9/26/2008: Biotech drug costs up 8.7 percent: survey
9/26/2008: Health spending may have to slow as economy stalls
9/26/2008: FAO urges removing melamine from food chain
9/26/2008: China pulls top candy off shelves as milk scandal deepens (AFP)
9/26/2008: AIDS awareness still low in China: survey (AFP)
9/26/2008: Calif. warns people not to flush pharmaceuticals (AP)
9/26/2008: Government probes chelation-heart disease study (AP)
9/25/2008: Health Tip: Keep Kidney Infections at Bay
9/25/2008: Health Tip: What Causes Sore Breasts?
9/25/2008: Surgery Unneeded in Most Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis
9/25/2008: Hypnosis Cuts Hot Flashes for Breast Cancer Survivors
9/25/2008: U.S. Kids Take More Psychotropic Drugs Than Europeans
9/25/2008: New Diabetes Drug Works Well in Trial
9/25/2008: Health Highlights: Sept. 25, 2008
9/25/2008: Voice Problems in Seniors Undertreated
9/25/2008: 'Fear of Losing' Key Emotion in Economic Decisions
9/25/2008: Saudi project hopes to put Arabs on genetic map
9/25/2008: More global recalls from China tainted milk crisis (AP)
9/25/2008: Study: Seniors not quite embracing generic drugs (AP)
9/25/2008: China scrambles to salvage reputation amid milk scandal (AFP)
9/25/2008: Now two gorillas suspected of milk-powder poisoning
9/25/2008: Flu vaccine delivered into lungs gives better results
9/25/2008: China scrambles to salvage reputation amid milk scandal (AFP)
9/24/2008: Athletes to donate brains for concussion study (AP)
9/24/2008: States, medical groups oppose abortion rule (AP)
9/24/2008: 2 die of Legionnaires' disease in NJ hospital (AP)
9/24/2008: Study: Extending time of stroke drug treatment OK (AP)
9/24/2008: Angioplasty for chest pain is no bargain: study
9/24/2008: Painkiller May Prevent Diabetes-Related Retinal Damage
9/24/2008: Health Tip: Exercise for People With Diabetes
9/24/2008: Health Tip: Choosing a Knee Brace
9/24/2008: Regulator says hospitals need strict heparin rules (AP)
9/24/2008: China official says milk scandal "under control"
9/24/2008: As China milk scandal grows, leadership escapes blame (AFP)
9/23/2008: U.S. Abortion Rate at 30-Year Low
9/23/2008: FDA orders two unapproved drugs off the market
9/23/2008: Tarceva makers warn of liver damage, 2 deaths
9/23/2008: French firm recalls baby milk on salmonella fears
9/23/2008: Heart Attack Care Often Delayed for the Poor
9/23/2008: Health Tip: Prevent a Pain in the Neck
9/23/2008: Health Tip: Satisfying Food Cravings
9/23/2008: Many Trial Reports on FDA-Approved Drugs Go Unpublished
9/22/2008: US-HEALTH Summary
9/22/2008: Shorter radiation course works for breast cancer
9/22/2008: China launches export crackdown amid milk crisis
9/22/2008: China dairy firm knew of toxic milk for months: state media (AFP)
9/22/2008: WHO says nearly 2 billion at risk from dengue in Asia (AFP)
9/22/2008: Doctors: infection led to Turkish newborn deaths (AP)
9/22/2008: Acupuncture beats drug to treat hot flashes: study
9/22/2008: South Korean Shin elected WHO regional director (AFP)
9/22/2008: Health Tip: Develop a Birth Plan
9/22/2008: Health Tip: Prevent Stomach Pain
9/22/2008: Vitamin D Receptor Gene Variant Tied to Melanoma
9/22/2008: Acupuncture Eases Breast Cancer Treatment Side Effects
9/21/2008: Cervical cancer test poised to be a boon in developing world (AFP)
9/21/2008: Breast Cancer Survivors Report High Quality of Life After
9/21/2008: To Sleep, Perchance to Smell?
9/21/2008: Acid Reflux Linked to Chronic Croup
9/21/2008: More parents ponder cancer gene tests for kids (AP)
9/21/2008: Health Highlights: Sept. 21, 2008
9/21/2008: Fall Cleanup Is a Prime Time for Accidents


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