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1/30/2009: Air Force to train combat docs to use acupuncture (AP)
1/30/2009: Philippines says finds four new human Ebola cases
1/30/2009: Zimbabwe cholera cases pass 60,000 mark: WHO (AFP)
1/30/2009: AIDS fund chief appeals for US leadership (AFP)
1/30/2009: WHO refuses to rule out pig-to-human transmission of Ebola virus (AFP)
1/30/2009: Malaysia battling worst-ever dengue outbreak (AFP)
1/29/2009: Stem cell transplants show promise for MS: U.S. study
1/29/2009: Congress to hold hearing on peanut butter recall (AP)
1/29/2009: All Products at Georgia Peanut Plant Recalled
1/29/2009: Health Tip: Take it Easy After You Give Birth
1/29/2009: Health Tip: Is Your Child Getting Too Much Sugar?
1/29/2009: Zoloft, Lexapro the Best of Newer Antidepressants
1/29/2009: Common Chemicals May Delay Pregnancy
1/29/2009: Japanese researchers develop all-round flu vaccine (AFP)
1/29/2009: Hospital: Calif. octuplets doing 'amazingly well' (AP)
1/29/2009: More evidence pre-term birth tied to autism: study
1/28/2009: Japanese researchers develop all-round flu vaccine (AFP)
1/28/2009: Georgia peanut plant products ordered recalled (AP)
1/28/2009: Muscle and bone deficits seen in kids with Crohn's
1/28/2009: Mom and dad's tobacco use influences teens' smoking
1/28/2009: Senate poised to approve children's health bill
1/28/2009: Health Tip: Traumatic Events May Affect Sleep
1/28/2009: Health Tip: Be Wary of Fad Diets
1/28/2009: Pain-Relieving Powers of Acupuncture Unclear
1/28/2009: Controversial Chemical Lingers Longer in the Body: Study
1/28/2009: Plastic chemical may stay in body longer: study
1/27/2009: Newborns Feel the Rhythm
1/27/2009: America's Top Hospitals Cut Patient Death Rate 27%
1/27/2009: Ovary Removal May Not Be Needed in Endometrial Cancer
1/27/2009: Health Tip: Managing Neck Pain
1/27/2009: Health Tip: Preventing Athlete's Foot
1/27/2009: Intensive Insulin Therapy Reduces Mortality in Sick Kids
1/27/2009: Newborn Babies Feel the Rhythm
1/27/2009: Health Highlights: Jan. 27, 2009
1/27/2009: Some Heart Failure Meds May Raise Fracture Risk in Women
1/27/2009: EU scientific body raises health alarm on MP3s
1/27/2009: Woman gives birth to octuplets in SoCal hospital (AP)
1/26/2009: Hallucinations Are Rare Side Effects of ADHD Medications
1/26/2009: Higher Blood Sugar Could Impair Thinking
1/26/2009: Food safety system needs modernization: Vilsack
1/26/2009: FDA reviews benefits of Plavix in certain patients (AP)
1/26/2009: Health Tip: Sit Properly at the Computer
1/26/2009: Health Tip: Problems With a Picky Eater?
1/26/2009: Why Cancer in One Breast May Affect the Other
1/26/2009: Recess Makes for Better Students
1/26/2009: Health Highlights: Jan. 26, 2009
1/26/2009: Cell Phones, Traffic a Deadly Combo for Kids
1/25/2009: World's highest drug levels entering India stream (AP)
1/25/2009: India grapples with high maternal death rate
1/25/2009: Men face 1 in 5 risk of developing alcohol disorder: study (AFP)
1/25/2009: Gene link seen to psoriasis (AFP)
1/25/2009: Database Helps Assess Your Breast Cancer Risk
1/25/2009: Oh-So-Cold Temperatures Plague Older People
1/25/2009: Health Highlights: Jan. 25, 2009
1/25/2009: One in five men at risk of drinking problem
1/24/2009: Spike in dengue cases could hit Malaysian economy: report (AFP)
1/24/2009: Bird flu confirmed on western Canada poultry farm: officials (AFP)
1/24/2009: Seventh Salmonella Death Linked to Peanut Products
1/24/2009: What to Do If You Have Unsightly Veins
1/24/2009: Health Highlights: Jan. 24, 2009
1/24/2009: Salmonella death in Minnesota brings U.S. total to 7
1/24/2009: Kellogg's recalls products in Central America on salmonella fears (AFP)
1/24/2009: China reports fourth bird flu death in a month (AFP)
1/24/2009: Senegal clinic leads fight to wipe out leprosy (AFP)
1/24/2009: Senegalese centre signals Africa's will to wipe out leprosy (AFP)
1/24/2009: Senegalese centre signals Africa's will to wipe out leprosy (AFP)
1/23/2009: Obama overturns ban on overseas abortion funding (AFP)
1/23/2009: Many Alzheimer's Caregivers Admit to Abusive Behavior
1/23/2009: Salmonella Common in U.S. Poultry
1/23/2009: Health Tip: Taking ADHD Medications
1/23/2009: Health Tip: Triggers for PTSD
1/23/2009: Drug Impedes Body's Deadly Reaction to Flu Virus
1/23/2009: Health Highlights: Jan. 23, 2009
1/23/2009: Problems Tied to Obesity Also Seem to Affect Sleep
1/23/2009: FDA OKs 1st Embryonic Stem Cell Trial
1/22/2009: Heavy Smoking as Teenager Might Add Pounds Later
1/22/2009: Certain Facial Injuries Point to Domestic Violence
1/22/2009: Nurses Often Left Out of Medical Error Talks
1/22/2009: Judge orders Illinois TB patient into isolation (AP)
1/22/2009: Italian clinic says ready to help woman die (AFP)
1/22/2009: European Union wants to double cancer screenings (AP)
1/22/2009: Urine test spots trouble after kidney transplant
1/22/2009: Tanning no cure for seasonal depression
1/22/2009: Health Tip: Save Your Back at Work
1/22/2009: Health Tip: Smoking and Diabetes
1/22/2009: Moderate Alcohol Consumption May Protect Against
1/22/2009: Gender May Influence Heart Failure Treatment
1/22/2009: Health Highlights: Jan. 22, 2009
1/21/2009: EPA Alerts Seniors to Carbon Monoxide Dangers
1/21/2009: Health Tip: If You've Got GERD
1/21/2009: Health Tip: Dizziness During Pregnancy
1/21/2009: Car Seats Save Young Lives
1/21/2009: Health Highlights: Jan. 21, 2009
1/21/2009: Kidney, Heart Problems May Be Linked
1/21/2009: Targeting Cancer's Own Stem Cells to Fight Recurrence
1/21/2009: People With Schizophrenia Say Bias Is Part of Their Lives
1/20/2009: Needles, not technique, may be acupuncture key
1/20/2009: Health Highlights: Jan. 20, 2009
1/20/2009: U.S. Heart Attacks Becoming Less Severe
1/20/2009: Health Tip: Clogged Ears On a Plane?


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