2/17/2016 - Latest Features About Drones
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Law Regarding Drones and UAVs

Laws Regarding Drones Drones are among the hottest things available right now, but if you will certainly invest in a drone for whatever reason you will need to know the laws and regulations in relation to using a drone. This will help you to stop things like fines or another undesirable consequences. Every location has their own stipulations and you need to be aware of what your state regulations are in terms of your drone. This has especially receive question when Amazon discussed using drone because of their deliveries. For more information on the laws

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The Use of Drones/UAVs in inspections.

When most people think of unmanned aircraft systems (UAV), mostly referred to as drones, they think of residential and hobby uses. Today, drones bring residential purposes, from shooting your roof to simply getting great aerial shots of your respective neighborhood, just like you will see on www.dronepic.us. Others may have heard drones due to the speculation and goal of Amazon to deliver packages around the world by drones, but one of the very practical and overlooked applications is the use of drones in inspections. At Mjm Ultimate Home inspection we will be looking into all possible

January Update

So January 2016 has came and gone. The month went by so fast. I purchased the Yuneec Q500 4k and the skycontroller for my bebop. Its been a crazy month the amount of stuff i learned. My Facebook group Worldwide Aerial Images may be growing steadily. Everyone seems to be interested and helpful. I happen to be practicing everyday flying. My skills increasingly becoming better but very slowly. This weekend medicine first weekend i take my Yuneec out and allow it to go rip. I am a little scared.


New Year New toys

So it has been a few weeks and I can tell i am a total UAV addict. I started with a 50 dollar toy then moved right down to two small 20 dollar drones. Then got a new 100 dollar drone. Then I got myself the bebop which is growing on me. At first flying the Parrot bebop was difficult and scary. Its very easy to fly but when your outdoors flying from the phone it looses connectivity pretty easy. Its scary and when trees are around it may mean a problems. Mine landed in the tree 50 feet in air as it lost

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