5/18/2007 - One True Man Of God
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One True Man of God

By: Dwayne Lackey


I met him on a simple day

of fishing.

A man on a journey for God.

He asked me if I believe in Heaven

the land where angels trod.

I nodded my head in agreement

and he smiled so kind at me.

He said let me tell you something

as he turned and pointed to a tree,

like this we're all God's creation,

we need His spirit to grow.

He asked me of church

and if I ever go.

I told him feeling ashamed

that I couldn't remember when

the day I graced a church

or the last time I had been.


He asked me why and

I told him most people there

have a knack of hiding

behind the Bible while

talking behind your back.

He turned to me and laughed

in the grandness way

and said you're supposed

to pray for those people

that's no reason to run away.


He bent down and pointed

to a bald spot there on top

and said temptation has no end

it will never stop.

He told me he was a preacher

and evil is real, he said I got

this bald spot avoiding

the devil by walking with my


Don't listen to his stories.

Don't play that senseless game.

The reason you're not in church

is you only have yourself to blame.


He shook my hand so tender

and wished me many blessed days.

We picked up our fishing-poles

and we parted ways.

As I watched him go

I wanted to plant my knees

in the sod and thank the good

Lord in Heaven for showing me

one true man of God.

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