12/14/2015 - Very Electric Shaver - Buyer�s Assist
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Long before the invention of razors, people found they can use two shells much like tweezers,to grip and grab hairs, while others struggled using a roughly sharpened tool and water. As knowledge advanced and copper tools were introduced around 3,000 BC , improved razors manufactured from copper were invented. Next came �Alexander the Great� who demanded his army shave, so enemies couldn't gain an advantage by grabbing his soldiers� beards much more combat. Alexander ruled inside the 4th century B.C, and is also rumored to have preferred the harder tidy �Shaved� look for himself.

Electric shaver reviews

Fortunately electric shavers have since been created and developed. The initial was patented around 1928 by Col. Jacob Schick, a united states manufacturer. Remington Rand Corp. then developed electric shavers further, producing its famous Remington model of electric razors from 1937.

Another significant name in the growth and development of Electric Shavers was Prof. Alexander Horowitz. Working from Philips labs in Netherlands, he surely could successfully invent the thought of a revolving electric razor (and rotary shavers were born). These early shavers were only useful for dry shaving, but today, with the constant advances in technology, electric razors can be used for both wet and dry shaving. Glowing provide much closer shaves, plus some advanced shavers incorporate a separate auto cleaning/charging dock.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shaving
Both the types of electric shavers: Foil and Rotary shavers
Shavers consist of a set of rotating (rotary shaver) or oscillating (foil shaver) blades. These blades are enclosed behind a punctured metal screen with slits or holes, which capture and push hairs through so the hairs come into contact with the blades behind, where they may be immediately cut. Both in styles of Shaver, the �metal screen� acts to protect the skin from the rapidly moving and extremely sharp blades.

Rotary shavers are commonly composed of three circular cutting heads, forming a triangular structure and shaving is performed by moving the shaver in the circular motion. For some, this requires some practice being comfortable and to develop an efficient shaving-pattern. They are best in cutting thicker and longer hairs, and also to gain access to the curvy-areas from the face. This technology has additionally been recently adapted to make the ultimate in Electric Head Shavers
Foil shavers are generally made up of series of blades in linear form and shave in left to right, and up-down movements. Perfect for cutting short and fine hairs, shaving in flat aspects of the face and work nicely in conjunction with a beard trimmer when styling facial hairs.

Applying your experience with a specific type and make of shaver is a great advantage when you are choosing from the worlds best, new electric shavers. If you have had a good exposure to a particular type and brand of shaver, it is natural to consider sticking to that, as the skin has reacted well to that particular method of shaving. Much more so if you are happy with the Shaver�s performance over time as well.

However, if you don�t have any experience with Electric razors, it might help to read reviews and consumer feedback on particular Shavers in order to get some ideas. In your research, always enable the fact that it is not ideal for anyone to pass judgement by using an electric shaver until they've used it for a month. Typically, it will take time for the skin to adjust to the new shaving method, whether it's the first time using an electric device, or even if you are switching to a new brand or style of shaver. It also takes a serious amounts of develop your own usage pattern which helps you to get comfortable with a new electric shaver.

Electric razor Specifications to Consider
Cutting Performance - Ideally, look for an electric shaver that runs higher than or equal to 10,000 revolutions per minute (RPM).

Dry or Wet Shaving - If you like shaving while showering, then you have to consider when the shaver supports wet/dry functionality.

Auto Cleaning & Charging System - Some electric razors come with their own auto cleaning-charging dock, which means you don�t have to do much to keep up either proper hygiene or electric batteries of a shaver. Obviously it takes a space where it may be positioned, and there is a small ongoing cost for replacing it�s cleaning cartridges.

Most (it not exclusively) electric shavers are now rechargeable.

Electric shaver Reviews
Consider reading a number of electric razors experts� advice and opinions on the particular electric razor. See their updated lists of the greatest electric razors.

Although not important to everyone, it is also a good idea to consider how travel-friendly the shaver is. There are several electric shavers that come with a bag. Also, consider just how long a shaver�s battery lasts between recharges, so there�s no requirement for carry the extra weight of your auto cleaning-charging system on shorter trips..

Epilators for Hair Removal
Like Shavers, there are also two main forms of Epilators, basically they either use Tweezers or Ceramic Discs to remove hairs. The way you choose to use yours will play an element in which to choose, as some are Cordless, and others not, and some are designed for use in the bathtub or shower, whilst other people are strictly for �dry� use. Understanding the variables will make it simpler to find the best Epilators for you.

More Information
Do not expect the right shave after using an electric shaver only a couple of times. Manual razors still offer the closest shaves, but as time goes by, you will notice the benefits of choosing an electrical shaver. You will experience little or no skin irritation, no bleeding cuts or nicks, shaving will become less time consuming and you may have the added benefit of being able to shave anywhere, no need for a bathroom or water even. Something to check forward to.

Price - shavers ranges from $40 - $300+. You should decide on a budget range that�s likely to work for you and consider its long lasting costs, versus the alternatives. When choosing, remember that the most expensive option doesn't invariably guarantee the best quality within the electric shavers market.

Shaver�s maintenance costs. Before buying an electric shaver, first check how frequently you need to replace it�s blades and also the cost of replacements. Cleaning cartridges, where required, usually are not overly expensive however, you would be wise to know their costs and make certain of easy availability.

Some pointers - After considering numerous genuine consumer reviews, foil shavers were preferred (by a small margin), with regards to closeness of shave and degrees of skin irritations reported, compared to rotary shavers. However, opinions suggest that rotary shavers do shave closer around the neck area and supply faster shaving when investing in used to shaving together.

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