6/14/2012 - How to Build a Website that Makes You Money
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You cannot hope to be successful online without a website. Every internet marketer and hopeful profiteer knows this. The problem is, you cannot make money by publishing a random page and calling it a website.

A successful website must be the kind that people feel good about visiting, and that conveys a professional image. Once you learn a few techniques, it is fairly simple to build a quality website that visitors will come to and buy things from. If you use some of these suggestions when building or modifying your website, you will attract more customers and make more sales.

First of all " don’t be scared of having white space on your site. If you look around, it can seem like some designers look at white space as something to be avoided. That’s probably the primary reason for so many sites heavily populated with colors and various images. You can easily create a professional image with white space, plus it has a clean, uncluttered look to it. Also, it contributes to allowing the eyes to relax so there are no distractions due to irritation. All of the colors and images definitely serve to distract your readers and take away from your most wanted action on the site.

It should go without saying that your site should only have good content that’s useful and good products/services, too. A good salesperson will be able to make just about anything seem like it will be useful to the person who buys it. If you only write excellent content, then that will really help you in the sales area. Be sure you don’t make the mistake of having too many graphics and pics while offering just a little bit of content. You never want to make them feel like being at your site was a waste of time.

Along the same lines, don’t use popup windows on your website.

People visiting your site don’t want to be immediately confronted by a popup window demanding their e-mail address or other data. Having a popup jump out at visitors is simply not something that is going to do your business any good. If you are using popups, you could be driving away many potential buyers from your site!

Still another intrusive tactic that people don’t like is when a popup stops them from exiting your site. When people try to click away and leave your site, you should not put obstacles in their way. If they’ve already decided to go, you can’t force them to stay by making them deal with extra popup windows. Doing that will only ensure that they will not come back.

You can actually build a quality, profitable website without any special skills nowadays. You can build a website that really stands out if you invest some time and work into it. It’s fairly easy to figure out what will and won’t work on your website. If something seems like it might be a bad idea, don’t do it! That’s about all there is to it. You will find that the more your website improves, the more sales you will make.

For far more details, you really should go to: Is Your Website Helping Your Business?, Make More Money With a Good Website
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