1/24/2016 - Where to find Safe Web Proxies
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We are all concerned with keeping not only our computers, but also our personal information safe as we surf the web these days. While email viruses are a lesser threat than they were a couple of years ago, id theft is rising and identity thieves benefit from every new technological development; adapting nearly as fast as the technologies designed to thwart them. For that reason, keeping protected from prying eyes as you go about your online business is very important. A proven way that people sometimes (and really should more often) use is proxy servers - but what are these servers and how do they make you stay safer on the internet?

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Basically, a proxy server is simply a typical server, albeit one with a special function. This server lies involving the web user and also the sites they may be visiting; with requests for website pages and files being relayed via this server. This relay means that it is the servers Ip that is reported for the site being visited rather than the Internet protocol address of the web user. Why so much interest? IP addresses, particularly static IP addresses, for and much more normal with the expansion of broadband service, can be used to identify specific users. Just think about the implications of that as it were.

It should be noted that doesn't all proxy servers will hide this info which can be used to uniquely identify you from the sites you visit - you will find anonymous proxy servers also; these supply a higher degree of anonymity for you on the web. However, can you be sure which proxies are really protecting your identity? Read on for a few tips about how to find safe web proxies.

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First, you may use the "whois" command if you're running any variant of Unix or Linux on your pc. There are also web-based interfaces for this program available, such as the ones available at domaintools.com which can tell you in the event the who owns the proxy has hidden their contact information or not.

You may also use Google or some other search results to find out the proxy and find out if a person has received any experiences of malfeasance with all the proxy and what, if anything people are saying regarding it. One additional resource can be obtained from your homepage from the proxy server itself; there must be a conditions and terms useful policy posted on the webpage which will let you know just what the proxy does and does not report back to other sites in terms of details about users.

Employing a web proxy can be quite a easy way protect your own personal information as well as your privacy generally speaking from people who could have bad intentions on the internet. However, while any proxy server gives you more protection than no proxy whatsoever, you should look into any web proxy prior to using it to make certain that it's giving you all the protection you are looking for. You will find safe and anonymous web proxies on the market, but finding the one that will do well for you personally usually takes a little bit of investigation. Have some fun out there and remember; safety first!

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