3/8/2017 - New Poop Bags Replace the Old
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Do you remember the days prior to we had the handy holder for our poop bags? Do you keep in mind those days just before we enjoyed the benefits of this really special poop pouch? This sort of reminds us from the days prior to cell phones. Or perhaps this really is comparable to those days just before computers. This seems like a long time ago. Nonetheless, it hasn't actually been that lengthy. Think it or not, everybody isn't on board with these new techniques of making our lives easier. Some people nevertheless carry their dog waste bags the old way and they do not have cell phones and they do not have computer systems. Nevertheless, that is perfectly OK.

We are able to assure that with time, they are going to change as well. Specifically in regard to a better method to carry their dog poop bags. In contrast to cell phones and computers, they don’t actually have to read instructions or spend much money to make these changes in their lives. Their new poop pouch will simply make their lives simpler, safer and healthier. They will then wonder why they ever did it the old way. The old way - where they stuffed their empty plastic biodegradable bags in their pockets, while risking the possibility of tearing them. The old was also where they carried their bulging and ugly dog waste bags in full view of all and with the real possibility of breakage, rips or spillage.

Their new holder for waste bags will carry and protect all they need – not only their empty and their full poop bags, but also so much more. It will carry their dog training supplies, treats, keys, wallet, park passes, a flashlight and most importantly an inverted bottle of hand sanitizer. Hand sanitizer, as we well know, is a must for picking up dog poop. Of course we know this now, but this, also, may be a modify for some individuals. This can be really something that many of us have not been doing. Perhaps no one has taught us, but did we actually need to be taught? We were taught as youngsters to wash our hands after using the toilet, so this only makes perfect sense, doesn’t it? Let’s just blame it on our laziness. Actually, using hand sanitizer will also make our lives simpler, because it will prevent us from getting sick. It will prevent us from catching the many diseases and worms that are carried in dog waste. We are able to then spend our time doing much more productive things than nursing an unneeded illness. So having a convenient and easy-to-reach bottle of hand sanitizer available in our new poop pouch to use after handling our dog waste bags will only make our lives simpler.

As we have moved into the new and easier methods of doing things, we have to feel a bit of satisfaction. It is always fun to discover something new and to accept it and to let it become a part of our life. Particularly when this really is something as easy to accept as a much better and safer method to carry our dog poop bags and to also carry so much more, as well. Yes, a holder for poop bags, similar to cell phones and computers, all have one thing in common – making our lives less difficult!

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