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2/3/2007 - wouldn't you know..
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i skipped a month! gad!


sorry, dear bloggie. january was a busy month, i was condemning it already. the ncae, the college entrance exams results, the science fairs, the contests and a whole lot of crap! haha!


lemme see, here is an update of whazappen (i am initiating a word revolution, mind you.)


jan 1: course this was new year..i jumped dozens of times..it was supposed to be only three. SO THAT'S WHY I'M NOT GETTING ANY TALLER!*laughs goofily*

jan 2: killjoy school started this day..bakero.

jan 3: i no longer remember what happened..Xp

jan 4: this was jennie's bday.

jan 5: weee, it was Ian's bday!

jan 6: it's tatay's bday! wooo!

jan 7:mmmm..

jan 8: more mmm's.

jan 9: ooh..this was gianna's bday, she treated us with pizza! woo! pizza!


jan 11: it's all about friggin' ncae tension..for the teachers, that is.

jan 12: haha, we planned on giving mam p a bday surprise, and though it got a little mixed up, it got through! haha! it was so fun! i read our letter for her in the quadrangle with a crap of a number of audience *ears go red* then we gave mam p our gifts and our cake, and it was uber fun!

jan 13: this was a saturday..^^

jan 14: a big duh, sunday..

jan 15: fiesta time! bes and I slept at the same time that night, after watching spongecola's concert in tv! weee! o yea, today's mam p's bday, and kua pau's bday. we went to kuya pau's bday and we totally had a blast! wahoot!

jan 16: preparing for the ncae with the rest of the class! it was uber exciting!

jan 17: the big ncae event.

jan 18: preparing for economics mind gaems contest..and don't ask why it's spelled like that. it's all in the head..Xp

jan 19: i competed in the essay writing for the said event. wooo! i won 2nd place! supposedly, i was tied in the first place with rural, but i guess her essay's better..besides, 2nd's still good^^

jan 20: i went to uplb with mam tabo, elena, dionelle and paeng for the said genecamp where i am supposed to compete for my first ever extemporaneous contest..this was the best best best held event i've ever attended! the genesoc people were so warm, though that day, the contestants were a little tense, but they managed to break the ice..it was fun! we had a tour and i learned sooo much! i loved it! it was all about genetics..haha! wouldn't you believe! lc, as far as i remember, won for the division basketball team..and the girls' volleyball team?! sue me.

jan 21: the best part of genecamp! i knew a lot of people! the contestants were closer than ever, and it was a very friendly and healthy competition. imagine wishing another contestant good luck! weee! it was so much fun! i gained a lot of friends! i won 3rd place for the extempo! haha! thank you God! ^^and this day was prince's bday..

jan 22-26:i was always absent these days, studying for my special tests and making up for my missed works..tsk.

jan 27: we finished our summative exams, which is the visuals for our investigatory project..^^ i met minky, gennina's siamese cat, and she (or was he a he?!) was so cute! this was cham's bday!

jan 28: a sunday, still studying for the examinations..elena's bday!

jan 29-31: Science fair! i was quizmaster for the regulars contest and quizmaster for...uhh...lemme catch up..uhh..*forehead wrinkles* ah! chemistry! at the average round..now i remember, darren! and my crush won! woo! you go...man?! haha! i was so proud, i felt like i was his mother! i as the flagger for the clash of the titans, then an emcee for the clash of the teachers! it was uber fun!


that ends our daily update for january! geez! it was exhausting! if i didn't leave you satisfied, think again.

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2/3/2007 - Untitled Comment
Posted by Fightingfemale
What a memory! I can't even remember what I did yesterday (maybe I don't want to)

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