Emotions and Recollections Going Haywire

6/12/2007 - my thoughts flow back again.
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Hi. I don't know, but a lot of people may consider me as the biggest nerd around, but I am very nationalistic but limiting to the extent of being reasonable. And you may know more about that in my next entry. Xerez as a Filipino.. it's not much, and it even isn't .092834019234092348 millimeters nearer to Rizal's pieces, but I just want to put in here my pride of being a Pinoy, because I'm extremely proud. My favoritEST subject would be Philippine History and my classmates find me very odd when talking all about it..anyway, i'm doing this also for a contest i'm preparing on, so wish me luck..! My dad told me to type in a few sentences, but it looks like I'll be typing two entries for today, one for the celebration of Independence Day, and one about Jose Rizal..^^


Thus, my thoughts flow back again.

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