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11/6/2007 - i'm weird
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...even in my dream.


So this is what you get for sleeping up late and making up excuses just to sleep more at noon...a A-LIST WEIRD DREAM!

First off, I had a dream that I was having a pep talk with this uber depressed dunkin donut guy, telling him not to give up working hard even though his girlfriend broke up with him. Mind you, he was and 80 something year-old guy, and he resembled Golum (or whatever the spelling is) from Lord of the Rings. He asked me to be his girlfriend, and I NODDED WILLINGLY. *WHAT THE #$@^~?!! Here I am, all, "I don't think Enchong Dee looks that cute," then I'd settle for someone that looks like Golum, and moreover, sells DONUTS WHILE RIDIN' A BIKE?!


If you think that's really weird (AND GROSS) enough, then you're wrong. I dreamt of Paopao living in this oversized green house and her dog Kruger suddenly transformed into a dog as big as Tycho (from the Disney Channel movie, "Life is Ruff") and was chasing after me...and he bit me three times! DANG, THAT DOG! Just now, I found three wounds on my feet, exactly where the dog bit me, and then actually doubted if it really was a dream. ..BUT I'VE NEVER BEEN ANYWHERE NEAR THAT DOG! Nanay told me it was kurikong. HAHA. Good enough.


But that definitely does not end there! Something else happened in elbi, and it was SO WEIRD.

So, Diana owned an under construction hospital which was haunted, and we went there after shopping in a nearby super market with Nanay (where we bought the weirdest things like chocolate chip cookies slash ice cream and worn-out and wet notebooks). Diana was with two uber cute foreigners who told us that they have the pleasure to take us to the university. We rode via their jeepney where Reena Mae and other people were expecting us. They wanted to go ghost hunting inside the haunted hospital. Reena and I disagreed and said that they should go without us. While nearing the hospital, Reena and I, (along with some old lady) saw a blinding red light from a room in the hospital (AND GADANGNABIT, I GOT REALLY SCARED).I felt very weak and asked Reena to walk with me to my dormitory. O yea, we saw Sir Anozo training some weird Martial arts in a ruined building and even scolded us for disturbing their practice. When Reena and I neared the Humanities building, we bid each other goodbye and went to the usual route towards the dormitory, where I found myself ending up in some weird and unknown street filled with old buildings (like the ones in Central). If it wasn't for Pita (who was in ELBI?), Phoebe and some other classmates that I can't remember, I wouldn't've been able to come back to my dorm.


Oh, it still isn't finished yet, when we got there, we had monsters for our dormmates, and our dorm turned out to be the haunted hospital. I was REALLY scared at first, seeing Tutankhamen's mummy befriending me and some other white ladies and monsters (yep, there was a vampire..and he was my father in my dream) were all there. OF COURSE, there was also Snow White, boarding there, along with Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and other damsels from Disney movies. In the end, we all became best of friends.


A word of advice, stop WATCHING:


news about uncovering mummies of egyptian emperors

movies about wild and huge dogs

Lord of The Rings with Gollum (still, whatever the spelling is) in it

haunted houses and ruined buildings

Disney movies (haha..though I love them)



your best friend's dog

thinking about how your next Math notebook should look like

thinking about your university or anything about school during semestral break

sleeping late and waking up late

green houses

thinking about eye-candy foreigners

your folk-dance choreographer

talking to your friend FOR LONG HOURS and introducing yourself to someone who's name is just like hers

eating too much donuts


thinking too much about your inability to bike

thinking about your elementary school and its crummy buildings


and most of all REMEMBER:

to put on body lotion to avoid kurikong.

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11/9/2007 - dreams blah blah...
Posted by lysher
dreams are the subconcious ideas of the mind, or whatever that line is.you must be really in love with gollum. i never thought you'd like such a horrible creature selling doughnuts for a first boyfriend! haha!

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