3/7/2005 - Lose Weight Easier By Setting Time-Bound Goals
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There are millions of individuals, who have a personal reason for wanting to lose weight, and have a desirable goal. Being overweight is the beginning of a lot of health problems, so the sooner you decide that losing weight for better health is a good idea, the better. When there is a flaw in the goal that was set, as difficult as losing weight is, it will be that much harder to succeed. One reason so many plans for losing weight fail, is because the right footing hasn't been used. There is lots of advice going around for losing weight, but none as good as the following tips.

Short-term goals set: Continued progress needs to be monitored to keep the plan on track. This turns your weight loss program into a number of short-term weight loss programs. When your goals are only in week increments you only need to keep your eyes on a small goal of only seven days. As long as your plan is only one week at a time, and that is all the farther ahead you look, it should not be that hard to do. You change your thinking and adjust everything to a weekly amount, like losing 1 to 2 pounds a week, instead of using a month. When it comes to goals, this way is certainly a simpler way. It is just a mental thing to make it sound easier, like saying 15 minutes after dinner each day, rather than exercising every day.

It is your life. Doing something for someone else can only take you so far, so make it your own goal. The reason most people do not lose weight is because their goal is ultimately to please someone else, for a variety of reasons, and very seldom their own. Since you have a one of a kind life, what someone else thinks should work for you might not.

Everyone has desires, and preferences, and any weight loss program should be structured around what they prefer. Whatever it takes for you to achieve, is what your weight loss goals should be set for. Inside your own mind and lifestyle is something that will make you happy, and that is what you should do. There is only one best reason for having a goal to lose weight, and it is not to please someone else, but to become healthy for yourself.

Be exact: When you have something that you want to achieve, and set goals for it, you need to be very exact, in what you want, how you want it, and when you want it.

The details you include in your goal-setting are very important since these will be the basis for your present actions and future evaluations. As an example for each day, you have a goal of eating smaller portions of food, brisk walking after dinner for 15 minutes, in order to lose 2 pounds for the week.

Healthy weight loss can be achieved in a safe and effective fashion when you maintain a positive attitude. You have set specific goals, and now for your own happiness you need to work out a way to stay committed to the goals you have set.
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