11/22/2006 - Infidelity
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I have many single fenale friends and many married male friends. When i started getting back into the dating market, i realised i'm attracted to married men.

It's not because im addicted to risk, it's the fact that i'll have more space to myself and i won't have to deal with questions like "When's the next holiday,

weddings and family functions"...  No fuss, no muss. And they'll understand if  i suddenly finds someone new as at the end of the day, married men will

always have their wives to fall back. Gals like me are in for a fun time, nothing else.

I realised that the world is changing tremendously. Married men are taking their affairs for real and i met 2 who are actually in a divorce proceeding in

order to marry the lovers. Did the world change when i'm busy having fun or the lovers are into the real deal nowadays??

Who is the blame? The Men, The Lovers or The Wives? What happened to the times where Men told Lovers that " I can't leave my wive, kids, etc"

The lovers happened to be my very good friends. Much i admired their guts to get the impossible relationship, sometimes i think to myself "Are they doing

the right thing?" Then again, who am i to judge them. Honestly, i strongly believed that these 2 gals have fought very strongly to be where they are today.

Call them house wrecker, or hubby snatcher but these women have fought very hard for their existence. It left me thinking "Will they live happily ever after

or will The Men still stray  like he used to?"

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