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    2/2/2012 - Working Night Owl
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    I'm the type of girl who never seems to be able to go to bed early and get up early, being an artist I'm usualy an owl working late on my art and getting sidetracked and occupied with random things and thoughtsUndecided My guinea pigs living in my room doesn't help either! Then I get the nightly meow-ing of my feline kitty outside my window until she can sleep in my bed with me. 
    I feel loved. But tired.
    But this particular morning for some reason I woke up at 7:15. And I lay there thinking to myself "RIGHT! No more sleeping in! use the mornings AS WELL as the afternoons!" decided that today will be different. Today I will put order in my life and feel fresh and vibrant. So I got up to try pulling a "Special K Cornflakes lady" and get up feeling alive and full of energy, the sun following me wherever I go and then on to changing my lifestyle into salads and morning powerwalks.
    I managed to do the following things: Play with my guinea pig on my bed. Made porridge with too much sugar. Add some more touches to my website. Dazed off falling asleep. Got two new commissions on wait. Start my own blogging.
    So I think I'll try catching an early night tonight. Maybe I will have better things to talk about in me next blog! Laughing

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