Why is That people don't understand you as a person? When you think you have what you want it is taken from you faster than you can say "I".

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Okay so I sent Javier an email last night and he wrote me back saying that he has a life too. And that staying home on a friday would be like playing Jesus. I am not so sure about that because I get the feeling that he has a girlfriend. I mean its not like we are together forever because we live like 2000 miles away from one another. Its just that I thought we could talk sometimes and keep each other company. But if he has a life then that is fine with me. I just don't want him to tell me he loves me if he doesn't really mean it. I know that I should not have said it but I feel that way about him. He acts like he cares about me and acts being the keyword here. I guess I need to move on.


Well I got my prom dress yesterday and it is so nice. Today I went to the mall to look for jewelry and I found a lot of jewelry and some hair stuff. I also found cute little handbags that I am going to use for prom. I want to find a nice pair of shoes to go with my nice little dress. I just hope that I don't regret going to prom.



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Posted: 2:07 PM, March 12, 2005
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