2/24/2016 - Saying goodbye
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When should you say goodbye? how in the event you know when is the correct time to end things between the two of you?

When does Saying goodbye becomes the very best sentence you’ve said for a while..

Many commit this huge mistake, many don’t realize the situation is over, many people sit around and wait for an other to say it instead of saying it themselves.



In this post we will be telling you how and when should you be saying goodbye as opposed to holding on to a hopeless destructive relationship.

You are feeling it, you can feel it, that the situation is no longer what they was previously, you can sense it, you can sense that he/she shall no longer be interested, you can sense that the love is now tired, and can’t keep giving anymore

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Nothing happens just seemingly unprovoked, everything happens for the reason, and sometimes the causes are beyond your control, beyond the love control, and the reasons rips your relationship into pieces, and drives you both apart.

The question here's “can you still fight for it? do you still would like them in your life? Can you fix this?”

Seriously I really want you to take time to answer these questions carefully, in the event the answer for one of which or all of them NO then keep reading.

You might be asking why the hell may be the article so gloomy, you are right it is gloomy, but wait for this, there is the light at the conclusion of the tunnel, a bright light, and that beautiful breeze that slowly hits the body after you are out of the dark lonely tunnel you’ve been walking inside for quite some time.

This article helps you form a concept of how to tell this in your soon to be ex-lover, when saying goodbye is the best solution for the both of you. After having answered these three questions above and knowing it is basically over, there remains the courtesy…

What is courtesy?

Its the way you treat the other person right before and soon after your breakup, by way of example you don’t go around and cheat and wait can be expected them to leave you, you don’t send a text to end the relationship, you don’t go around speaking badly on them, you don’t start treating them badly and watch for them to tell you its over since you are too scared to do it yourself

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It is how you break the news to them, it hurts your heart plus hurts their heart, what needs to be done should be done. We just want you to understand that you are going to be All right.

What is the environment you place up and how so when you should say it, is one area that no one better than you can answer, it is not going to be easy, but since you have lived with them good enough you probably know how to approach them. How to break the news for them, in the most suitable manner.

Then what?

It isn't the end of the world, and never the end of your life generally speaking nor your love life specifically.

That is life whether we decide to like it or otherwise, whether we choose to accept it or not, and no matter how hard we strive to be nice and genuine, or attempt to not hurt anyone around us won’t mean we'll be safe from being hurt or dissatisfied.

This one person might have been once your whole world, but now all you do to each other is bad things, you hurt the other person and want to give up but are stuck because of just how much you used to or still love the other

Here we want to assist you to by reading this, take this leap of faith, believe better times are coming and think that it will be better, and realize its better to cut things between you, rather than to keep hurting the other person.

Now its up to you, after reading this! What exactly are you planning on doing?

Consider it carefully, listen to not your heart ONLY on this occasion but listen to your mind as well….

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