4/26/2013 - The inversion table – the final answer to back pain problems
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In prehistoric times, humans managed to differentiate themselves from other species by looking up and walking on two feet. But in that very moment of evolution a major health problem started to emerge: back pain. Because the spine supports the entire weight, it has to withstand a lot of pressure and, more often than not, great muscle and vertebrae tension trigger the notorious back pain. In the past, physical activities such as heavy lifting were the ones responsible for the ailment. Now, these still represent risk factors, but a new cause is beginning to threaten us: inactivity. By spending eight hours a day glued to a desk in an unnatural position, we inevitably and irremediably hurt the spine. The rest of our lives are spent in a permanent effort to put an end to the pain and, as a last resort, get used to its presence. In the race for expensive medicine and complicated surgical procedures, we find ourselves, surprisingly, out of options. As much an medicine has evolved, some pains seem to be so stubborn, that nothing simply works anymore. Instead of resigning yourself to the idea that you will spend all your life trapped in a bed, you can try to learn more about non-intrusive, alternative treatments, such as the inversion table. A simple, yet effective device, this gravity inversion table uses one single principle to cure the pain: it turns the patient upside down. 

At first site, the back inversion table might seem rudimentary compared to other modern solutions. But, after a careful analysis of its principles, it will definitely be seen in a different light. By turning the body upside down, the table reverts the effect of gravity, helping the spine, ligaments, muscles and vertebrae finally relax. Patients who have tried the device say that the benefits of inversion table can be felt from the very first minutes. Sessions usually last for maximum 10 minutes and, in time, the results are almost unbelievable. When the body is upside down, blood flow is redirected to the brain, which leads to better concentration, so the device can also be used on a regular basis to prevent pain, stay in shape and have a positive state of mind. If you want to learn more about the effects, it is best if you read an inversion table review made by patients who have witnessed its beneficial properties. 

When suffering from back pain, the first instinct is, of course, to do to a hospital and put all your hopes into an advanced treatment. Unfortunately, many patients come back disappointed, because drugs make them feel sick and unconfused, while surgery puts them through more pain than they already are in. this is what leads them to buy inversion table and, even if they do not have too many expectations at first, the results definitely make a pleasant surprise. Living with back pain is never an exciting prospect – if you are experiencing this problem, you can look for an inversion table for sale online and start taking advantage of this effective and non-intrusive solution that has changed thousands of lives so far.

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