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Obesity Is Related To What You Eat

Posted on 8/29/2013



Exercise is known to be beneficial to one’s health. It helps in strengthening bones and also muscles. It improves mood and mental health. Exercise lessens the chances of developing various diseases and keep cholesterol levels and blood pressure in check. Most of all, it leads to weight loss and help against obesity. Unfortunately, exercise is not the solution to obesity.


Exercise is known as a solution for obesity, however, exercise should be accompanied by proper diet. True, exercising a lot and doing plenty of physical activities would lead to burning calories. Burning calories would then lead to weight loss. But no matter how much calories you burn, it would be useless if you continue to consumer more calories for it would only compensate the loss. In short, improper diet would only replace the calories you burned.


To fix this thing, proper and healthy diet is a must. We should change the way we eat and the food we consume. We should minimize the consumption of fat, sugar and salt. Moreover, it should be on small and energy-dense servings. Diet should also be rich in fiber. There should also be strategies in order to control the food you take. It is also necessary to see what’s inside the food you are eating. Most of all, considering ornish diet would be a huge help when it comes to this.


In the end, we need to recognize the fact that obesity is not caused by moral malaise, sloth and gluttony. Obesity happens because we are bombarded with unhealthy foods. And consuming this food is the reason why many people end up being obese. But by choosing the right kind of diet and avoiding food that causes obesity, obesity will be ended.

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