8/26/2013 - Pizza Hut To Reward America If All Four No. 1 Seeds Advance To Atlanta
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1 seeds have made the semifinals before, but never has this much been at stake for pizza lovers nationwide. If it happens again, we're prepared to make it the greatest championship in college basketball history with free pizza." College basketball legend Bobby Hurley will make the program especially great for fans everywhere by carrying his skills off the court to represent the Red Roof as spokesperson for this hoop dream promotion. The two-time college basketball champion and All-American point guard will be front and center in keeping Pizza Hut fans informed as the suspense builds for the journey to Atlanta. "I was fortunate to play on No. 1 seeds and championship teams during my collegiate career," said Bobby Hurley. "In basketball you need to have a solid foundation, team-first mentality and great fans to build a championship program. Pizza Hut has accomplished the same for the pizza industry and I'm looking forward to assisting them in their efforts to 'Make It Great' for their fans during the tournament." After consumers have signed up for the Hut Lovers program, and the No. 1 seeds advance to Atlanta, the coupon will be issued and redeemable online through April 15. The big tournament has seen an entire No. 1 seed semifinals only once, in 2008. What better time to root for No.
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Pizza Hut backs off presidential debate offer after being mocked

Pizza Hut to offer DirecTV at some of its restaurants November 10, 2011| 8:00 am Some Pizza Hut customers will soon be able to get dinner and TV shows all in the confines of the fast-food restaurant. NPC International Inc., the worlds largest Pizza Hut franchisee, has started installing satellite TV in hundreds of its Pizza Hut locations across the nation. The Overland Park, Kan.,company has partnered with Bulk TV & Internet, a supplier of DirecTV services, to offer diners television programming with their hand-tossed pizza. Pizza Hut is the latest fast-food chain to offer television and cable service. Last month, McDonalds announced it was launching the McDonalds Channel, a digital network that will run local school sports, movie previews and human interest stories. The venture, which has already rolled outin San Diego, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, will be set up in 800 McDonalds restaurants in Southern and Central California in the next few months. NPC International operates 1,152 Pizza Hut franchises 28 in states. The company expects the installations to be completed by the end of next year. Related:
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Pizza Hut to offer DirecTV at some of its restaurants

Pizza The end of the week came, no call. That was two weeks ago. I call the 800 number once every three days to let them know I still havent been called back. Ive talked to the manager of the call center. He says he has no contact information for the manager of my district (the man who is supposed to be calling me). All they can do is put me back in line to be called. I ended up ordering from Pizza Hut the other night, paying in full this time, and the pizza I had delivered was cold when it arrived, and rather sauceless. Upset, I decided that since I already had plans to call the number, I would just tell them about this then. I told them about the cold pizza, the man said he was documenting the complaint and that I would be contacted.
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50% Off Pizza Hut Coupons 2013: Get Coupon Code & Deals

Though the publicity ploy got Pizza Hut plenty of attention, most of it was negative. On his show, Stephen Colbert sneered: What could be more American than using our electoral process for product placement?" On Twitter, users slammed the company for hijacking a presidential debate for marketing, calling the effort silly and guerrilla marketing gone awful. Some said it was a sure sign that the U.S. was becoming an idiocracy. In a backtracking statement, the company wrote that its Pizza Party effort was originally intended for the candidates but will now instead be open to the public and asked online. One voter will be randomly chosen to win free pizza for life. No word on whether the offer will be extended again if someone asks the question at the debate anyway. "The anticipation and buzz around this question proves that this debate should be taken to the people," said Kurt Kane, Pizza Huts chief marketing officer, in a statement. "We're no longer asking a few hundred attendees at the town hall presidential debate on Oct. 16 to pose the question, rather we're bringing the question Sausage or Pepperoni? to millions of Americans." Pizza companies have been especially invested in the election, ever since one-time pizza executive Herman Cain emerged as an early Republican candidate. After Florida pizza parlor owner Scott Van Duzer bear-hugged Obama during a visit last month, his eatery was flooded with Yelp comments. This summer, Papa Johns founder John Schnatter said his company will have to choose between its customers and investors if Obamas healthcare reform law goes into effect.
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Pizza Hut Accuses Customer Of "Making The Coupon Up"

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