1/2/2001 - Top SEO Link Building Strategies
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One should start the link building service plan by identifying URLs to promote, creating anchor text for each URL you are promoting, identifying which link building strategies to use, identifying high PageRank, identifying do follow sites as potential homes for your links, submitting articles on article directories or commenting on blogs with specific guidelines and expectations, and finally to start linking.

Following are the link building strategies which would be getting your website high PageRank.
Quality Content

Filling your Web site with quality content is a fundamental part of doing business on the Internet. If you want others to link to your site, your site must be “link worthy.” Other webmasters are extremely picky about which sites they exchange links with. In order to give your site the best chance of attracting backlinks possible, provide unique and useful content.
Organic Links

Once you have your content live on your site and are actively adding fresh content on a regular basis, your site’s visitors may be compelled to link to your site. Make it easy for others to create backlinks on your behalf by inserting a “Share This” feature. Share This features are readily available as site and blog plug-ins. When integrated into your articles and posts, the user sees a series of icons representing popular social media and social networking sites as well as other means of sharing such as email etc.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal linking is a process where two webmasters agree to post one another’s links on their respective websites in a “scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours” spirit. When considering reciprocal links, be aware of link farms and stay clear! Manually review all sites that you are considering and make sure that you are exchanging links with sites that are relevant to yours.

Legitimate Link Exchange

Closely related to reciprocal links as well as to link farms are link exchanges. Link exchange sites are not necessarily link farms. Rather, they are more like matchmaking services that match like minded Webmasters together for swapping links. When used appropriately, a link exchange service can facilitate a mutually beneficial partnership between two webmasters
RSS Feeds

RSS feeds allow site visitors to subscribe to an area of your Web site and then receive updates whenever you post fresh content through RSS feed readers.

Article Submission

One of the most effective ways to get immediate backlinks from high PR sites is to submit articles to high PR article marketing directories , commonly known as Article Submission. Not only will your published articles contain links that you’ve created with your specific keywords included in the anchor text, the links will come from sites with a high PR. Better yet, the articles are meant for distribution, which means that other sites may publish your article and provide you with yet another backlink. Read about Submitex's link building packages to get information on how to get quality article backlinks.

Posting comments on Forums and blogs

Another immediate way to build external links is to post comments with appropriate links on forums and blogs. Which is called forum link building. However, this is a delicate process requiring extreme care not to come across as a spammer. Not only do spammy messages annoy, they don’t last long. Moderators will block messages that they perceive as spam either immediately or eventually. Make sure that your comments are useful and relevant to the conversation and read the forum or blog’s guidelines about links. While you’re at it, check to see if the place where you intend to place a link uses the nofollow attribute or not.
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