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    3/12/2007 - i hate you and i love you
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    Im jealous of a girl whom I never really met and I am so selfish wanting you all for myself. It has been two days since I last saw you and we've been together. Right now I can honestly say that I'm badly missing you and it hurts. I'm wishing for you to come back and stay with me. I care so much about you and all I want to do is be with you; but that can never happen for I know you love me less. What can I do if you just think of me as your second option, second best, second choice... All I can do is to keep on dreaming that someday we can be together. For now I will just keep you in my mind and in my heart and let no one but me know that you exist. I hate myself for feeling this way... Maybe tomorrow I'll learn how to control my feelings but right now all I know is that I love you...

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