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There's an air of impatience today, and for once it's not coming from you. You're usually the one who is pushing for things to go further faster, but right now that's not a high priority for you -- things are already working well. It might take a bit of explaining to set the worried minds of coworkers or family members at ease. Let them know you're in control and you know exactly what you're doing (even if you don't). Right now it's important to stay in control.


This is exactly what my horoscope said...Lawd I am the patient one?! Well I am warning you right now if this is the truth we are all screw sure as it is Monday. (It is Monday, right? If not I sent my kid to school on the wrong day.) And I'm in control...well that part it says I can fake (which at this point I am gettin good at faking).

I hate to read the horoscope in the morning because it kinda sets the mood for the day. Most of time me and Ri read them together at the end of the day and see how much of it has come true. Sometimes they are right on but my favs are the days they are so off in left field that you think what the hell was that all about. And I know it is all up for personal interpretation anyways, so sometimes she can look at the same thing I can and she can see the truth in it (though I think she may look to hard to find it) where I sit there goin "What the ...?" Who knows...I just thought todays was good and kinda fittin with my personality.

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8/21/2006 - Horoscope
Posted by SilverWind
I think that is a good idea to read the Horoscope at the end of the day and then compare them to what really happend, it could be fun. I just to read mine in the morning just for amusement but I never really belived them that much, but to a person who might be partiuarly subjective the horoscope could end up dictating thier day and by thier own subconsicious they could end up making it true.

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