8/25/2006 - Hair cuts
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I am a dumbass but I love it. I have no life and (as Aaron so nicely pointed out) no hobbies so I tend to just do random stuff because I am bored. Well my random thing of the week was gettin my hair cut off. I think it looks good (a lil punked out) if a lil short. The good news is I didn't shave it all off. But I did cut a lil of it off. I just wanted something different. The other thing I am going to do is dye it. Ok not completely but I am gettin red highlights all around my face. Might as well ease all the questions about where J got all that red hair. I can just say from me now. Well I am sure that I shouldn't be doing all this but I get bored and when I change one thing I tend to change all things. Now my whole image is gonna have to change because I have the new hair cut and I have been buying new clothes (that aren't as blah) so I guess I am becoming this new person without me ever even knowing it.


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8/25/2006 - Untitled Comment
Posted by MisCatt875
its good to hear your having fun!! I think a touch of red would look great on you!

kiss kiss


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