8/28/2006 - Hung like a cucmber?
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 I just want to start of saying that I knew that first and I was the first one there but I let him go so he could find a better life (not neccissarily you) and have kids, marriage, ect...all the things I could not give him. So to try to make it sound like you have something I don't know about or something I couldn't have. Baby, let me explain a few things to you...
1. When he needs someone to talk to or some advice, who does he ask/call? ME!
2. When we get off the phone what is the last thing he says (before I even say anything)? I LOVE YOU K
3. And what does he most regret? That he let me let go of him!!!!
So when you are standing there trying to make me jealous or mad or whatever it is you thought you were doin, remember I am the one who left so that he could find YOU. You may want to think about that before he is back with me and you are wondering why. I love him without judgement, fear, or resentment. I let him go because I loved him enough to make him want to have all the things in life that I couldn't give him. He resents me for that but I made that choice because I love him. True love....learn it before you start hurting both of you.
Oh and one last thing... I love him and will do anything to protect him. Don't think for five seconds you won or this is a competetion. I love him just like you do. I just know what is best for him so I let go. And trust me I know how it is hung...I used it first!
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8/28/2006 - Untitled Comment
Posted by MisCatt875
I love you baby grl! Rock the fuck on that was great!

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